***Breaking News*** COFL Announces It's 1st Ever Money Tournament

Ladies and gentleman, we now welcome you to the new era of The COFL. Fourteen years of excellence has led to this point. From the cheese tactics of Vtech to the meltdowns of Kent & ZZ when they would lose, we are now here and money is involved. Hold on tight, things are about to escalate rather quickly. The breakdown of the tournament will be interesting and exciting. It's not one tournament we are having, it's two tournaments at the same time split up with coaches being able to win money in each round that they advance to. Below is the breakdown of each tournament and who is invited to it. Cream of the Crop - Tournament 1 Location: Miami, FL This tournament will consist of the top coac

A.F.C. & N.F.C. Playoff Picture

Week 4 of 4 - Day 24 of 28 Playoff Picture - The 4th and final week of COFL Season X is upon us with some HUGE games with MAJOR playoff impl

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