Prime-Time Art Work Released by JT

As posted last night the COFL Night In America and Game of the Week Prime-Time matchup games were announced via the JT & Prez Podcast li

Season IX Draft

COFL Season IX Draft Order has been revealed. Below are the top 16 picks, the playoff teams will be filled in as they go...

Biggest Upset In COFL History

The three seeded Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11-5) came into COFL Season VIII playoffs as the heavy favorites to advance to the Conference Champio

Scheduling Tier's Released

Every schedule released by the COFL Powers That Be is based on our tier system. The best coaches are in Tier 1 and the coaches that struggle

HershNasty's Season 8 Playoff Preview

I’ve been away too long… Miss me??? *bats eyelashes* Seems like just yesterday I went out for that pack of smokes, and low and behold, the COFL is on Season VIII. A lot has changed since I went on my writer’s strike. I could tell you it was about the Wheel of Deception (commonly referred to as the Wheel of Destiny by those on the Man’s payroll…), but really I was just holding out for more cash. My oh my, how you’ve grown. Prez and Company have gotten the podcast rolling, using it rant and rave like an angsty teenager with a “Mean Girls” Burn Book. But with growing up, come growing pains: dismissing the accelerated play-clock to make sure games take an hour and half ... unconventional schedul

A.F.C. & N.F.C. Playoff Picture

Day 19 of 28 of COFL Season VIII - We are officially into single digit days away from COFL Season VIII Playoffs. COFL Bowl III will be held

A.F.C. & N.F.C. Playoff Picture

Day 15 of 28 of COFL Season VIII A.F.C. Playoff Picture - PROJECTED MATCH UPS #1 Tennessee Titans (6-1) vs Bye #3 Miami Dolphins (9-3) vs #6 Denver Broncos (9-6) #4 Cleveland Browns (3-1) vs #5 Baltimore Ravens (8-4) #2 New York Jets (9-2) vs Bye Bubble Teams New England Patriots (5-4) Cincinnati Bengals (4-4) N.F.C. Playoff Picture - PROJECTED MATCH UPS #1 Dallas Cowboys (6-0) vs Bye #3 Green Bay Packers (6-3) vs #6 Carolina Panthers (8-6) #4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-3) vs #5 Atlanta Falcons (4-2) #2 Seattle Seahawks (10-3) vs Bye Bubble Teams Los Angeles Rams (6-5)

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