Eagles Survive Season Opener

The pageantry of opening day was in full force in the nation's capital. American flags waved, F-16 bomber Jets roared above the capacity crowd at Fed-Ex field. "The guys were really fired up in that locker room" Coach VaFungool added. The pre-game fireworks blasted. They couldn't match the explosion on the third play of the game. Sophomore quarterback, Carson Wentz, made an early adjustment at the line of scrimmage on 3rd and 6. "We have all the confidence in the world in Carson. When he sees something he has the trust of everyone here to make the adjustments he sees fit" coach VaFungool stated. Sending much maligned Nelson Agholor on an out route, noticing the soft coverage, Wentz delivered

Chargers Post Game Press-Conference Following Loss to Chiefs

LAC Press Secretary Sean Spicey steps to the microphone. He starts to mutter something about a “good effort”. Coach Clemson storms into the media room and forcibly removes Spicey from his postion. Spicey says something. Coach Clemson coldcocks him and fires him while he's out on the ground. Coach Clemson: “You all saw what happened out there. That team wasn't better than us. We had a great gameplan and we executed it to perfection for three and a half quarters. Melvin (Gordon) gashed them all night. Phillip (Rivers) made good choices with the ball except for one throw. The defense stifled them. Really got after them, and I'm proud of those guys for the bounce back effort of game one. They ar

COFL Night In America Preview - Chiefs @ Patriots 9:30pm ET - Live on COFL Network 2

COFL Night In America Preview Teams: Kansas City (1-0) @ New England (1-0) Start Time: 8:30pm ET/9:30pm ET Location: Gillette Stadium - Foxboro, MA Coaches: Jake (55-25) Chiefs // Bdukes (29-37) Patriots COFL Expert Analysis COFL Night In America, a special night every week dedicated to the COFL, highlighted by one match up under the lights on the biggest stage for the entire nation to watch. We have a phenomenal match up tonight on the COFL Network 2 pitting the Kansas City Chiefs (1-0) against the New England Patriots (1-0). The Chiefs come into this game reeling off a come from behind win over Los Angeles 26-22, a game in which many feel they should have lost. What critics need to reali

LA Chargers Kickoff Classic Post-Game Press Conference

LA Chargers Press Secretary Sean Spicey takes to the microphone following a devastating 35-21 loss to Rival Coach JT and the Denver Broncos Sean Spicey: “Well obviously, this isn't the way we envisioned the game going. We thought we had a good week of practice and we thought we were well prepared, but we didn't perform or execute on game day. Coach Clemson will tell you that's on the coaching staff, and he will be here shortly to answer your questions. Thank you.” Sean Spicey steps away. The crowd of reporters murmurs while waiting for the arrival of Coach Clemson. After five minutes, Coach steps to the microphone and taps it to gain the attention of the room. Coach Clemson: “Okay. Well, we

Monday Night Football Preview - Falcons @ Bears 10:30pm ET- Live on COFL Network

Monday Night Football Preview Teams: Atlanta Falcons (0-0) @ Chicago Bears (0-0) Start Time: 9:30pm CT/10:30pm ET Location: Soldier Field - Chicago, IL Coaches: Fiddy (59-30) Falcons // Prez (42-43) Bears COFL Expert Analysis The hype is real folks, Monday Night Football is making it's debut tonight LIVE on the COFL Network - America's Network at 9:30pm CT. Tailgating starts at 4:30pm CT and the gates open at 6:30pm CT, expect a raucous crowd at Solider Field tonight. The hype is also real about Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears faithful are eating up like deep dish pizza from Lou Malanati's on a Sunday afternoon after drinking the night before. What the Bears faithful doesn't realize or is

Game of the Week - Bengals @ Packers

Week 1 Game of the Week Teams: Cincinnati Bengals (0-0) @ Green Bay Packers (0-0) Coaches: HershNasty (Bengals) // Drob (Packers) Location: Lambeau Field - Green Bay, WI Start Time/Date: TBD COFL Expert Analysis The Packers come into Season VI has the favorites to represent the NFC in COFL Bowl VI. It's been three seasons since Coach Robinson won his first COFL Bowl and he's feeling pretty darn good about this season. Rightfully so, he has Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson and a solid, but not great, defense behind him. The Bengals seem to be coming into this season a little bit off and not as confident as they have been in the past. Coach Hersh also seems to have lost a little bit of his swag d

NFC West - Division Preview

Seattle Seahawks - Coach JMCC Coach JMCC has had some bright moments in his brief COFL career, and he grabbed a seemingly excellent team in the Seahawks. However, Seattle has a history of coaches not fitting in well there and exiting after disappointing seasons. JMCC will need to work around their terrible offensive line and still find a way to get it to their playmakers at wide receiver. The defense is perhaps the best in the league and it should take care of itself. We are predicting a bumpy ride for JMCC, but the schedule is easy enough that he should be able to pull it together and survive his way into the playoffs with 8-9 wins. Los Angeles Rams - Coach JMGrace Coach Jimmy Grace made wh

A. F. C. South Division Preview

Houston Texans - Coach Johnny Boy A very interesting team and coach this season down in Houston. The Texans are the front runner to win their division in Season VI, most of that is because the rest of the division just isn't that good. Coach Johnny Boy is the top gun in the AFC South, hopefully he doesn't get swallowed up by the hype. In Madden 17 the Texans were the team of teams to be, nobody saw that coming...nobody. Can they do what they did last year? Doubt it. 2 COFL Bowl titles, multiple MVP's on offense and defense and the best running back in COFL history. No way that can happen again. COFL Experts have coach Johnny Boy going anywhere from 9-7 to 10-6. He's a great coach and

N. F. C. South Division Preview

Atlanta Falcons - Coach Fiddy Coach Fiddy is back in Atlanta, last time he was there he was run out of town after a first round playoff upset loss to Bdukes and the Chicago Bears in Atlanta. He has then moved on to bigger and better things, he's happy and satisfied in his life. Most of all, he has a COFL Championship, something that eluded him for many seasons and years. The Falcons are arguably the best team in the game, you give them one of the top coaches in the game and that catapults them to a top team that many think can and will represent the NFC in COFL Bowl VI. The Falcons have never been to the COFL Bowl, they've barely sniffed it. The closest they've come was last seasons Divi

A. F. C. West Division Preview

Denver Broncos - Coach JTrain He's back...the defending, I mean, two-time defending champion, is back! Coach JT and the Denver Broncos are back to defend their title against the entire nation. To be honest, don't expect much to change in the Coach JT/Broncos love affair. They're gonna play great defense, run the ball and make you pay when you turn the ball over. That's what they do, that's what he does. He's taken his lumps this off-season with back to back losses to the Chicago Bears & Mitchell Trubisky in the COFL Pre-Season but that doesn't mean a thing. If anything, they got better because of it. COFL Experts have the Broncos finishing at 11-5 to 13-3. Their division is a tough one

NFC North - Division Preview

The NFC North is absolutely stacked with talent this season, with only the AFC West being in the same conversation for the COFL's best conference. Get ready for the most intriguing match-ups of the season here. Minnesota Vikings - Coach Konz In the most surprising event of the off-season, previously banned-for-life coach King Konz was reinstated after a last minute departure left the league in need of a replacement just prior to the draft. Although he was set to pick dead last in the draft, Konz benefited from what was surely the most bonerific draft to date. Two coaches didn't show up at all, and two others took the lowly 49ers and Jets when multiple solid teams were still on the board. Thi


Whew lawd… What a week of excitement… The Draft is officially complete, and COFL Season VI has finally kicked off. This should be a joyous time, a celebration of return to business at usual… But we don’t celebrate the System ‘round here! Let’s take a quick look back at this off-season’s shenanigans before we tackle the debacle that was COFL Season VI Draft Day... Some experts are say the highly publicized Tournament of Champions was RIGGED to improve plummeting ratings during a monotonously slow off-season. #Sad. The COFL has been accused of some past foul play, involving game fixing, Season V Giants RB P.E.D. use, and denying science-backed reports of CTT (Chronic Traumatic Thumb) injuries.

AFC North - Division Preview

Baltimore Ravens - Coach Keller Coach Keller takes his beloved Ravens into the Madden 18 era after the best season of his career. However, his dream season ended on a sour note, getting rocked in his opening playoff game 28-7 at the hands of Coach Clemson and the Titans. Not many were surprised by this outcome, though, as many experts pointed to their weak strength of schedule and did not consider them a true contender despite their number one seed. In a weak division, Keller could have another 10+ win season. There is only one guarantee: He will continue to be the worst stat-scroller in the entire league. Pittsburgh Steelers - Coach Teb A lot has been said about Coach Teb over the years—alm

N.F.C. East Division Preview

Dallas Cowboys - Coach PupDaddy Fresh off the playoffs, Coach Pup is looking to go back with a bigger and better team this time. Big D is excited to have him back too, last time he was there it was a dismal season but it was the beginning of something great for him. Something clicked mid-way through the season where he finally figured out that throwing off your back foot into triple coverage isn't a good thing. The NFC is a solid division, it won't be easy and these games will all be slug can bank on that. Obviously the key to the Cowboys being successful is Ezekiel Elliott getting at least 12 carries a game, in fact he should be getting 18-25 a game. You must feed the beast

A.F.C. East - Division Preview

Buffalo Bills - Coach Nate A lot of questions swirling around in Buffalo, NY heading into Season VI of the COFL. The main one that everyone is asking..."Is Coach Nate committed to Buffalo?" That's a great question. His stint in Washington was short lived, he only lasted 9 games and didn't even finish the season. He then entered a double elimination tournament and chose not to finish that as well. So, keeping with the trend of Coach Nate, we are not gonna finish his season preview. Miami Dolphins - Coach Jim The Miami Dolphins may be the most entertaining team to watch this season. Not only is Jay Cutler back but Jim Bradshaw is too, his first full season in the COFL since 2009 (maybe,

Season VI Prime Time Games Announced

For the first time in COFL History we are having scheduled Prime Time games each week of the season. Monday Night Football is obviously on Monday Nights and COFL Night In America will be on Wednesday Nights. The COFL Network and COFL Network 2 will be hosting the games so please make sure you subscribe to both networks to watch all the action of the COFL unfold. Week 1 Monday Night Football Atlanta Falcons (Fiddy) @ Chicago Bears (Prez) Time: 9:30pm CT/10:30pm ET Location: Soldier Field - Chicago, IL COFL Night In America Kansas City Chiefs (Jake) @ New England Patriots (BDukes) Time: TBD Location: Gillette Stadium - Foxboro, MA Week 2 - Retro Week Monday Night Football Green Bay Packers (

HERSH'S EXTRA POINT: 'Tis the Season

Awww yeeeaaa!!! MADDEN SEASON BABY! DON’T LET THE START OF SEASON VI DISTRACT YOU FROM THE FACT JT BLEW A 3-1 LEAD IN THE TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS!!! There comes a time in every man (and woman)’s life that gives the same feeling new Madden does each year. You know that feeling when a girl (or guy, or whatever you’re into, lets get weird) you’ve been passive aggressively stalking for 3 excruciating months, finally lets you get to the goodies... Its Madden Day!... (or it hopefully will be by the time you read this) You peel off the packaging, hands shaking with anticipation, ready to pop that bad boy in ... only to be smacked in the face with utter disappointment, unkept promises and overhype.

Eight plays that shaped COFL history

Here are eight huge plays that helped shape COFL history, in no particular order. The Buzzer Beater The perfect opportunity presented itself to Coach Nate in Season IV, as he was able to get the extremely talented Patriots in the draft. He would dominate both the Broncos and the first seed Jags in the playoffs to set up a huge game against Coach Fiddy and the Houston Texans. New England had all the tools to give a team like Houston fits, and at times they did. The Pats held a 14-10 lead going into the final quarter. The Texans would cut the deficit to one, but the Patriots went right back to work, getting into Houston territory. The Texans D eventually held, but the Pats got a field goal out

HERSH THA HECKLER: Summer, summer, summer time...

Ah, the off-season, when the sundresses are flowing and pro football players get arrested for strip club shenanigans and drug/alcohol fueled scuffles and skirmishes. Gotta get those violent tendencies out somehow. It isn't just the NFL off-season that we're struggling through this year, as the lazy SOBs that run the COFL have decided to take a full month off... (Didn't Prez just take like 3 weeks off mid-Season IV? You'd think with all that R&R he'd have fresh thumbs to make the playoffs the next season, but I digress.) To take a quick look at seasons of the past, Upper Management does have a lot to be proud of: Season 4/5 expansion teams, new stadiums overseas, and even a traveling team

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