Season XIV Week 1 Must-See Match Ups

With COFL Season XIV starting tonight with Midnight Madness at 12amET we have decided to give you the best week 1 must-see match up's. All games will be streamed live on the COFL Network and COFL Network 2. Be sure to tune into all of the games and make sure you subscribe to both networks as well. Below is the list of the Top 5 Non-Prime Time Match up's.

Atlanta Falcons vs Indianapolis Colts

We'd be lying to you if we said this game wasn't going to end with trash talking, swearing and me having to intervene and tell everyone to relax. Colts are -13.5 favorites but the Falcons may have something up their sleeve.


Miami Dolphins vs Carolina Panthers

Drob (Panthers) has been surprising many with how well he has played in Madden 19. Rebounding from an awful '18 campaign that saw him tanking more than winning. Jake is and always will be "Jake". What that means is no matter what team he chooses to be he will always be a threat to society with them. The Dolphins are a great fit for him. Expect a lot of Kenyan Drake, a lot. The Dolphins are -7.5.


Detroit Lions vs Miami Dolphins

BigDaddy (Lions) vs Jake (Dolphins) is always a must-see match up. The are the #1 rivalry in the COFL and it never fails us. So much history between these two that we could write a book about it. The games are always great and always have something dramatic that comes out of them. Lions are -2.5.


New York Jets vs Seattle Seahawks

This will be a very, very interesting game to watch. Jomo The Jet has shown that he can hang with the big boys in the franchise but can he do it playing big boy football in the COFL Traditional League? What better test than CoachP and the Seattle Seahawks. CoachP needs to make the playoffs this season, he has the tools, playbook and team. Can he put it all together and make another COFL Bowl run?


Cleveland Browns vs New York Giants

All of the sudden JTutt (Giants) has become a COFL threat. He was one play away from a COFL Bowl appearance in only his second season. Some call it a rags to riches story and some call it simply being overrated for having one good season. Speaking of overrated, many feel JMCC (Browns) could be one of the most overrated coaches in the COFL. Sources out of Cleveland have been saying this is the best he's looked in a long time. Expect a defensive slugfest in this game.

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