COFL Hell In A Cell Tournament - Prison Rules

Ah yes, another COFL Tournament to keep the juices flowing while the COFL Traditional League takes a break until after the holidays. This will be the first of three tournaments during the COFL Off-Season. Each tournament is completely different from each other. All tournaments are free to enter.


Hell In A Cell Tournament - Prison Rules

What the heck does "Prison Rules" mean? It means there are absolutely no rules in this tournament. This is going to be the cheesiest, money play tournament you'll ever be in. You can no huddle when you want, go for it on 4th down when you want, run money plays that take advantage of the AI, run the same play on offense/defense over and over again. Literally, do whatever you want.

Teams & Brackets

You can pick any team you want, multiple coaches can be the same team. As far as brackets go, since it's "Prison Rules", myself, The Warden of The COFL, will determine who plays who in the opening rounds. Believe me, the match ups will be awesome and all must-see games.


What better place to play a Hell In A Cell Tournament with Prison Rules than Oakland, CA. All games will be played there, expect a lot of snow.

When does it start?

When COFL Season XIII is completely finished will start the Hell In A Cell

Tournament. We will do a live podcast to reveal the opening round match ups. There is no exact date yet, it has to be when COFL Season XIII is completed.

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