A.F.C. & N.F.C. Playoff Picture - 3 Days Until Playoffs

Day 24 of 28 - Week 4 of 4 - COFL Season XII

What a great season so far. With three days remaining there are still a couple of teams fighting for their playoff lives. The NFC is FINALLY figured out as far as teams go. The six teams are set, the seeds are not and that is a huge factor because everyone is chomping at the bit to play New Orleans and Washington.

The AFC is pretty much set except for the 6th seed. Houston, Denver and New England are all fighting for the 6th and final seed. We will see how it all plays out this weekend.

AFC Playoff Picture

#1 Cleveland Browns (12-2) vs Bye

#3 Jacksonville Jaguars (11-5) vs #6 Denver Broncos (9-6)

#4 Miami Dolphins (10-6) vs #5 Cincinnati Bengals (8-5)

#2 Buffalo Bills (12-3) vs Bye

Bubble Teams

New England Patriots (9-7)

Houston Texans (7-6)

NFC Playoff Picture

#1 Los Angeles Rams (13-3) vs Bye

#3 Washington Redskins (11-3) vs #6 Atlanta Falcons (10-5)

#4 Minnesota Vikings (11-4) vs #5 Detroit Lions (10-4)

#2 New Orleans Saints (12-3) vs Bye

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