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Season XII Prime Time Games Announced!

Prime Time Football is back in the COFL. Below are all eight prime time games for Season XII. COFL Night in America is essentially the game of the week between the best of the best. Monday Night Football is an intriguing match-up or rivalry. MNF will be played between 6-11 ET on Monday of the appropriate week. Games may be flexed out.

Rematch of Royal Rumble II tournament championship

A bit of bad blood arose after BK won a nail-biter in the Royal Rumble tournament in June as both coaches had to be restrained at midfield. BK has the better team but Fiddy has expressed optimism about his team's talents behind the scenes. Possible COFL Bowl preview. 4.5 out of 5 stars

Slumping Hersh vs. The Rising Star

Here we have Hersh, a former COFL Bowl participant who has subsequently struggled to return to glory, versus the most improved player in COFL history. Josh went from laughing stock of the league to a player expected to make the playoffs. Josh has one of the best teams in the game, too. 3 stars

Clash of the Titans

Some have called this the only true rivalry in COFL Madden. Nine of eleven COFL championships are held between these two coaches. Every time they meet it's a battle. The world will be watching to see who has the head start on Madden 19. 5 stars

Prime Time Prez

Prez returns to the prime time scene and he'll need 100% focus. Early results from training camp and preseason have not been pretty for Prez. Boobie has been better, but he does have the worse team with the Browns. Expect a low scoring battle. 2.5 stars

Josh's First COFLNIA

If there wasn't enough pressure on Josh for getting a week 1 prime time game, there should be when he steps onto the biggest regular season stage for COFLNIA against the seasoned vet Coach P. Hopefully P has his playbook set by this time. Josh should be figuring out the Patriots by Week 3. Will he send Coach P into another meltdown, or will the nerves get to him? 3.5 stars

Don't blow this, kid

Debates raged and staplers flew behind the scenes at the COFL Competition Committee offices in regards to whether or not ThatGuy was ready for prime time. Ultimately, he was given the benefit of the doubt due to this training camp dedication award. Now we'll see if he makes the most of the opportunity. 2 stars

The Return of Clemson

Clemson was a battered and broken man when we last saw him, nearly ready to give up on Madden, but a few months off while training at the Police Academy has refreshed his focus. JMCC has a similar mental trajectory after slumping hard during the latter months of Madden 18. Both have great teams and we could be looking at an NFC Championship Game preview. 4.5 stars

NFC North Clash

The last time these two met on the big stage, Bigdaddy and the Chiefs ended the worn-out Jets' title run with a 24-3 thumping in the first round of the Season X playoffs, on the way to BD's first COFL Bowl appearance. This game will likely have a major impact on playoff seeding and may determine if one of these two gets a first round bye. 4 stars

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