COFL Training Camp Set to Begin - News & Announcements

COFL Training Camp begins in 17 days. We are less than three weeks away from high blood pressure, sweaty hands, blaming the our wives/girlfriends/CPU on Interceptions and saying we hate Madden throughout the week. The passion, the adrenaline, the atmosphere and the intensity are right around the corner. The time is now to ease yourself back into the grind that we are about to embark on.

With training camp right around the corner we thought we would take the time to announce a few new things that we will be either reintroducing or introducing. Below is the news & announcements, enjoy!


Monday Night Football & COFL Night In America!

The beloved COFL Prime-Time games are back and will be better than ever. Each prime-time game will be the only games getting 5 Minute Highlights during the regular season, so take pride in your performance because not only will the entire nation be watching but we will be reviewing tape after!

Monday Night Football will be concrete, meaning the match-up's won't change. COFL Night In America on the other hand can be flexed to a better match-up if there is one.

If you're wondering what COFL Night In America is we will tell you. It's basically the Game of the Week, it's what we think will be the best match-up or most intriguing match-up will be that week. Monday Night Football is similar but it's also determined by who has an open schedule on Monday Nights and can play specifically on Monday Nights.


Possibility of Two Traditional Leagues

This isn't set in stone but it's a major possibility, especially if we get 40 coaches. We have 35 guaranteed coaches, we also have an additional 5 coaches we are waiting to hear back from. There will be more that sign up as well so the chances of us having two Traditional Leagues is high, I'd say there is a 70% chance.

How would two Traditional Leagues work? Below is quick version of how the scheduling and playoffs would work...

- 20 teams total for each league

----- Leagues will be separated by competition level. The top 20 league will be called The COFL and the next 20 league will be called The MOFL (Madden Online Football League).

- Regardless of league, all games will be streamed on the COFL Network & COFL Network 2.

- 12 teams make the playoffs. The winner of each league will play for the World War Bowl AKA World War 1.

----- The last place team from The COFL will drop down to the MOFL. The winner of the MOFL will move up to the COFL

As of now, this is all just an idea, nothing is set in stone. We will keep you posted on what we know, when we know.


COFL vs XML - Battle for Supremacy

We have teamed up with The XML, formally known as the SML, for a League vs League Madden Tournament. Better put on your big boy pants because these guys will be coming for us and they are pretty good. I need everyone focused and ready.

The details for the tournament will be released as we get closer. The tournament is scheduled for October so we have plenty of time to scout BK's cheese plays and Laaaay's 1-2 plays that he runs over and over again.


Season XII Draft Lottery

The COFL Season XII Draft Lottery will be on August 9th at 9:30am CT. JT & Prez will be hosting a special podcast prior to that discussing the upcoming season and what to expect. At 9:30am CT we will begin the draft lottery to decide who picks when and where. Once the draft lottery is over the draft can begin. Here is last years draft lottery show live on the COFL Network, start the video at 5 mins & 30 seconds.


Retro Week Is BACK!

The world famous and most popular week in The COFL is back! Week 2 is and always will be Retro Week. For you new guys, all week 2 games must be played in throwback uniforms. Why? Why not, it's fun and adds character to the league.


Weekly JT & Prez Pocket Presence Podcast!

Last year was the year of the podcast. We did a lot of experimenting with it to, we learned a lot and we got better at it each time. That means this year it will only be better. Plan for a weekly podcast to discuss the on-goings of the COFL, go over game film from games and discuss Madden as a whole.

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