Royal Rumble 2: Rumble At The Dog Pound

Gentlemen....welcome to the dog pound! Get in the ring and let's see what you've got. 15 men have entered the ring, only 1 will survive. Winner of the Royal Rumble gets a free Madden 19 via a $5.00 buy in.

TOMORROW (June 6th) at 9:15am CT we will have the Royal Rumble Selection Show LIVE on the COFL Network. The selection show will determine the match ups. As soon as the match ups are determined you can start playing your games.

Royal Rumble 2 Details & Information Host City: Cleveland, OH - Home of the BrownsRules: COFL league rules. Random weather, 4th down rule, no huddle rule, etc. Nothing changes in regards to the rules.Team Selection: You can be any team you want, the same team can be chosen multiple times. You have to be the same team the entire tournament, no switching teams throughout.Streaming: All games are streamed on the COFL Network and the COFL Network 2Buy In: $5.00 buy in, winner gets a free Madden 19

Good luck to all! Below is the list of entries:

1. Prez

2. ThatGuy

3. PupDaddy

4. VaFungool

5. Jake

6. Fiddy

7. BigDaddy

8. ZZ

9. Hersh

10. Rickey

11. T3xasSnake

12. DB

13. CoachP

14. Bdukes

15. Lonz

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