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COFL Bowl XI Preview: The Drive to Dallas This Exit Only - Bears vs Titans

The Drive to Dallas has reached it's final exit, the time has to come to park the car, get off the bus and put some pads on to play the final COFL Season Game of 2018. The entire nation will stop what they are doing and tune into tonight as the defending champion Chicago Bears face the Tennessee Titans in Dallas, TX.

What we are witnessing tonight is pure greatness, pure Madden Greatness. The two coaches facing off have dominated the COFL the entire 2018 campaign. We've never seen anything like this before and we may never see anything like this again. Two coaches who won 7 COFL Bowl's in a row with teams like the Jets and Bears will go toe to toe tonight showcasing their talents. What does that tell you? Well, for one, the rest of the league has to step it up. Secondly, these two coaches are playing at such a high level of Madden that many think they could compete in the big money tournaments. We have no idea why they don't even try, makes no sense to waste talent like they have.

Now, to the game. The Chicago Bears come into tonight's game as the underdog, not by much but they are the underdog. They may be the defending champs but Coach JT has the better overall team in the Tennessee Titans.

How have the Bears got here? What do you think? Jordan Howard, some luck and some bruising defense. They dominated the Cardinals in the Divisional Round and used strategical football to knock off the upstart Rams 24-14 in the NFC Championship game. A Leonard Floyd pick 6 was the ballgame, the Rams were in the red zone and were looking to take the lead late in the 3rd quarter.

How can the Bears beat the Titans? They just have to do what they do and that's pound Jordan Howard. Don't change anything, do exactly what you've done to get here and you will be winners tonight. You better believe the Titans will be ready for the Counter, Power, PA Crosses and Trubisky rolling out using playmaker, etc, etc. But honestly, can you ever really be ready for all of that? For most of us no, but for JT The Great, he will be ready.

How have the Titans got here? It's been kind of a bumpy road for the Titans and JT The Great this season. Some were doubting his chances of even making the playoffs but of course he turned things around. Still, this season hasn't been your typical Coach JT season where he rolls through finishing 13-3 or 14-2. He finished 11-5 and could have easily finished 9-7. He did steamroll the Steelers in the Wild Card Round but after that he had two epic battles that folks are still talking about today with the Raiders in the snow and the Colts in the AFC Championship. You could say he's battle tested but you can also say he's worn out. Does he have one more great game left in him? Time will tell.

How can the Titans beat the Bears? Obviously contain Jordan Howard but the key to this game will be 3rd down. Third down is the biggest down in football, some consider it a turnover if you can stop them because you are exchanging the possession. The Titans need to keep the Bears below 45% conversion on 3rd downs to win this game, they can't let them matriculate the ball down the field with backbreaking plays that demoralize you. Remember what I said, 3rd down, Titans have to get the Bears off the field and make them play Titan Football.

What will happen? The COFL Experts LOVE the Chicago Bears in this game, even though they are the underdogs they still love them to come out and win tonight. Why? Coach Jake has been consistent all season long, he's almost made it look easy. Tonight will not be easy but with Jordan Howard, lucky breaks and a stingy defense the Bears will come out victorious and win back to back COFL Bowl's.

Prediction: Chicago Bears - 13 Tennessee Titans - 9

Spread: Tennessee Titans -2.5

Over/Under: 30

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