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Royal Rumblings Surfacing...

The world famous COFL Royal Rumble is coming and it's coming soon! This years host Cleveland is preparing for the week long, if not longer, event. As always, a free version of the upcoming Madden is on the line. Last years winner HershNasty was victorious with the Atlanta Falcons by defeating NastyNate who was also the Atlanta Falcons. Below is the championship game from Royal Rumble I, an overtime thriller with Chicago as the host city.

I'm sure there are many questions for new members who have never participated in a COFL Royal Rumble. It's not your average tournament. Below are the details and how it works:

Host City: Cleveland, OH - Home of the Browns

Rules: COFL league rules. Random weather, 4th down rule, no huddle rule, etc. Nothing changes in regards to the rules.

Team Selection: You can be any team you want, the same team can be chosen multiple times. You have to be the same team the entire tournament, no switching teams throughout.

Streaming: All games are streamed on the COFL Network and the COFL Network 2

Buy In: $5.00 buy in, winner gets a free Madden 19

Sources of Payment: Pay Pal - Venmo -

For the Royal Rumble we have a selection show to determine your opponent. It's completely random and it is done via The Wheel of Destiny (basically a spin the wheel). The video below shows how the Royal Rumble Selection Show will work (Skip to 3:39 to watch the selection show)

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