Tier Scheduling Released for Season XI

The world famous and sometimes hated COFL Tier Rankings have been released. For those of you that are new to the COFL Traditional League the tiers dictate who you will be playing and how many times. For example, if you are in tier 2 you will be playing mostly tier 2 & 3 opponents with a very small sprinkle of 1 & 4. Each team plays 3 teams twice, those 3 teams will be in your tier, they will never be outside of your tier.

Why do we do tiers? We do it for a few reasons, one of them is it creates parity. You don't want the same teams over and over making the playoffs. You want it to be competitive, we don't want to make it easy for everyone. The COFL Bowl is one of the hardest to win, in order to win you must go through the ringer and we will make sure that we put you through it. The other reasons are so we have competitive games, we don't want or enjoy blowouts.

Tier 1

1. JTtrain

2. Jake

3. BigDaddy

4. DB

5. Fiddy

6. JMCC 7. SouthrnCal

8. Drob

Tier 2

1. DQ

2. Hersh

3. Bowman

4. Sheed

5. JMows

6. Prez

7. Ratchett

8. T3xasSnake

Tier 3

1. ZZ

2. BK

3. Lonz

4. Keller

5. Owen

6. Boobie

7. Josh

8. VaFungool

Tier 4

1. PupDaddy

2. Rickey

3. ThatGuy

4. IamAaron

5. Klondike

6. KidCalamity

7. PJN

8. Cedric

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