COFL Bowl X Preview: The Return to Los Angeles

Teams: Chicago Bears (15-3) @ Kansas City Chiefs (16-2)

Location: The LA Coliseum in Los Angeles, CA

Date & Time: April 16th, 2018 @ 7pm ET live on the COFL Network - America's Network

The Return to Los Angeles

The last time The COFL hosted a COFL Bowl in Los Angeles, CA it came down to the very last play and goes down as one of the best COFL Bowl's of all-time. We've been waiting to bring a COFL Bowl back to Los Angeles since then, the city embraced it better than any other city that has hosted a COFL Bowl. COFL Bowl III pitted Coach Jtrain (Kansas City) and Coach Konzy (Carolina). COFL Bowl X pits two completely different coaches with two completely different styles. The one thing that remains constant are the Kansas City Chiefs, they plan to own LA tonight and make a permanent mark on the city.

Folks, we have a match up for you tonight. Words can't begin to tell how highly anticipated this match up is. There are no underdogs tonight, we have two of the top three coaches going face to face tonight to decide who is King of the COFL for Season X. It's been a long season, these coaches & teams have had their ups and downs but they have survived and made it out alive.

Coach BigDaddy seemed to steamroll through the season finishing up at 14-2. He was on pace to go 15-1 and get a first round bye but a late season loss to the Bills bumped him down to the 3rd seed where he had to face 5 time COFL Bowl Champion Coach JTrain and then after that he had to face 1 time COFL Bowl Champion Coach Fiddy. Needless to say, he's been through hell and back and has lived to tell about it. In the AFC Championship game he faced the upstart Colts & Coach Ratchett. The Chiefs were in rhythm all game rolling to a 24-0 finish to advance to the franchises 5th COFL Bowl appearance and Coach BigDaddy's 1st ever.

Coach BigDaddy has turned into one of the most complete COFL coaches in the league right now. It wasn't always that way, he had his struggles early on in his COFL career but hard work and sacrifice has paid off for him. He's won a COFL Tournament and a COFL Super Bowl in franchise but the one thing he is missing a COFL Bowl. That would complete his triple crown, becoming the first coach to ever win a COFL Bowl, Super Bowl and a COFL Tournament.

On the other side of the field is the legendary Coach Jake. Nobody is more feared than him, some say that before the game starts he has already won because coaches fear his user skills so much that it effects their game play. Coach Jake and the Bears didn't quite steam roll through the season, they finished 13-3 but it wasn't as pretty as most of Jake's seasons. This season was a rugged season for him and the Bears, it wasn't the usually run and gun Jake Ayler football, it was ground and pound. A great coach can adapt to all phases of the game and we saw that happen with Jake this season.

This is Coach Aylers 4th COFL Bowl Appearance, all three of his previous COFL Bowl Appearances have been with the Kansas Chiefs. His COFL Bowl record is 2-1, he has never won a COFL Bowl without the Chiefs, that is very interesting. When looking at both of the coaches careers you see a difference in how they got here. Coach BigDaddy's rise from the bottom to the top and then you have Coach Jake who started at the top and never slipped up. As soon as he came into the league his made his mark, winning the very first COFL Bowl. Some call him the Silver Spoon Coach of the COFL, especially when you compare him to BigDaddy who worked harder than anyone to get where he is now.

With all that said, this is the best match up we've had in the COFL Bowl since COFL Bowl VII which pitted Coach Jtrain & Coach Jake. This match up may be better than that. We expect a lot of fireworks but you won't see them until both teams get done playing their chess match for the first two quarters. Once that halftime breaks, expect it to be a classic back and forth explosive game.

Spread: Chiefs -3.5 Over/Under: 45

Prediction: Kansas City - 24 vs Chicago 21

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