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Season X Playoff Preview & Predictions

A.F.C. Preview

Wild Card Round

#3 Kansas City Chiefs (14-2) vs #6 New York Jets (11-5)

We can tell you that the Kansas City Chiefs did NOT expect to be the #3 seed, they were the #1 seed the entire season. Twenty eight days of being on top and in one day they drop two spots and instead of having a bye week they now have to play the two-time defending champion New York Football Jets. The Jets may be the six seed but we all know they are the most dangerous team in the playoffs, nobody ever wants to face JT The Jet in the playoffs, nobody...literally nobody.

The Chiefs won the regular season match ups by scores of 20-0 and 27-13. Nobody has ever beaten JT The Jet three times in one season during his illustrious Madden career. Can BigDaddy become the first ever to do it? Anyone that plans on watching this game expect to see the best of the best going head on. You will be seeing a COFL Bowl match-up in the first round, that is about as good as it gets.

Prediction & COFL Betting Lines

Prediction: New York Jets - 20 @ Kansas City Chiefs - 17

Spread: Chiefs - 3.5 / Over/Under 38


#4 Baltimore Ravens (12-3-1) vs #5 Jacksonville Jaguars (11-5)

A very interesting first round match up between a coach who hasn't made the playoffs in a few season and a coach who is in the playoffs for the first time in his COFL career. The two split the regular season match-ups, now the face off in Baltimore for a grudge match.

The COFL Experts are leaning towards the Jaguars but the lack of playoff experience may be the deciding factor. The regular season and the playoffs are a different beast. The nerves, the mistakes are so huge, everything counts and every little mistake stings! The key in this game, just like any other game, will be the turnovers. Neither team can afford to turn the ball over, especially the Ravens.

We are torn as far as who we think will win, this is the such a good match up. This will be the ultimate slug fest where running the football and chewing up yards will be the way to win. Below is our prediction & spread....

Prediction & Betting Lines

Prediction: Baltimore Ravens - 14 vs Jacksonville Jaguars - 12

Spread: PK / Over/Under - 30


N.F.C. Preview

#3 Detroit Lions (11-5) vs #6 Atlanta Falcons (10-6)

Two coaches are very familiar with each other and both have experienced playoff success in the past. Coach Prez is 5-5 all-time in the playoffs with this being his 6th career playoff appearance. Coach BDukes is 1-2 all-time with this being his 4th playoff appearance.

Right now, the Falcons are the hottest team in the COFL. They've won 10 of 12 since being 0-4 to start the season. The Lions defeated the Falcons 33-15 in week 4 of the regular season, the game was a lot closer than the score shows. Some say the Falcons outplayed the Lions that day but none of that matters now.

Many are predicting the Lions to win this game, even the COFL Experts believe that. The Lions on the other hand are not taking the Falcons lightly. They understand what is at stake this season and the know that a team like the Falcons can beat anyone on any day. Prediction & Betting Lines

Prediction: Detroit Lions - 17 vs Atlanta Falcons - 10

Spread: Lions -6.5 / Over/Under - 34


#4 Philadelphia Eagles (10-6) vs #5 San Francisco 49ers (10-6)

All of these first round match ups are great, this one is another one of our favorites. Both coaches have COFL Bowl experience so we know they can get there. Coach Hersh of the Eagles lost in COFL Bowl IV and Coach Bowman of the 49ers lost in COFL Bowl VIII. Needless to say, you are getting another COFL Bowl match up in round one, doesn't get any better than that.

The Eagles have been very streaky this season. They got off to a good start going 3-1 but then fell to 4-4. From their they rattled off six wins to improve to 10-4 but then they lost their last two games falling to 10-6. What Eagles team are we going to get? Same thing goes for the 49ers. They can literally beat any of the best coaches in the league on any day but they can also lose to the lowly teams to.

One thing is for sure, it's playoff time and both coaches realize that. Both coaches understand what time it is and what's at stake. They know they can't afford to play lazy football. What's exciting about this match up is we are going to see the best football from these coaches.

Prediction & Betting Lines

Prediction: San Francisco 49ers - 13 vs Philadelphia Eagles - 7

Spread: Eagles -2.5 / Over/Under 30



AFC Divisional Round

#6 New York Jets - 20 vs #1 Indianapolis Colts - 10

#2 New England Patriots - 31 vs #3 Baltimore Ravens - 13

NFC Divisional Round

#1 Chicago Bears - 24 vs #5 San Francisco 49ers - 17

#2 Los Angeles Rams - 14 vs #3 Detroit Lions - 9

AFC Championship

#2 New England Patriots - 17 vs #6 New York Jets - 6

NFC Championship

#2 Los Angeles Rams - 16 vs #1 Chicago Bears - 14

COFL Bowl X #2 New England Patriots - 20 vs #2 Los Angeles Rams - 13

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