The Final Day - Playoff Picture & Possibilities

Today is the final day of the regular season for COFL Season X. The playoffs will commence tomorrow at 10am CT. Below is the playoff picture as of today but there are still games that could change it all.

A.F.C. Playoff Picture - PROJECTED MATCH UPS

#1 Kansas City Chiefs (14-1) vs Bye

#3 New England Patriots (14-2) vs #6 New York Jets (10-5)

#4 Baltimore Ravens (12-3) vs #5 Jacksonville Jaguars (11-5)

#2 Indianapolis Colts (13-1) vs Bye

N.F.C. Playoff Picture - PROJECTED MATCH UPS

#1 Chicago Bears (11-3) vs Bye

#3 Detroit Lions (11-5) vs #6 Atlanta Falcons (10-6)

#4 Philadelphia Eagles (10-6) vs #5 San Francisco (10-6)

#2 Los Angeles Rams (11-4) vs Bye

Bubble Teams

New York Giants (9-6)

Playoff Scenarios and Possibilities



The AFC playoff teams are set. The six teams that will fight for the right to represent the AFC in COFL Bowl X are set. Even if the Jets go to 11-5 they will lose out on the tie-breaker, the breakdown is below.

The first tie-breaker would be head to head, neither team played each other. The Second tie-breakers would be conference record which both teams went 8-4. The third tie-breaker would be record against common opponents which would go to the Jaguars. The Jaguars were 4-0 against common opponents while the Jets were 3-1 against common opponents


Alright, the NFC playoff picture is taking place but we still have some work to do. The first 5 teams are in, the 6th seed is up for grabs between the Falcons (10-6) and the Giants (10-6). If the Giants win tonight vs the Bears (11-3) they will be the 6th seed and overtake the Falcons. If they lose then the Falcons get the 6th seed. Who the Falcons/Giants will play in round one is still up for grabs as well. The Rams have falter and faltered hard leaving their 1st round by up in the air for now. If they lose to the Saints (3-9) they will fall to 11-5 and be tied with the Lions (11-5). Neither team played in the regular season. The tie-breaker would then go to conference record which would go to the Lions because they went 8-4 in conference play while the Rams went 7-5.

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