Playoff Picture & Scenarios

Week 4 of 4 - 4 days left in Season - Playoffs start on Tuesday at 10am CT

A.F.C. Playoff Picture - PROJECTED MATCH UPS

#1 Kansas City Chiefs (14-1) vs Bye

#3 New England Patriots (12-2) vs #6 Jacksonville Jaguars (10-5)

#4 Baltimore Ravens (11-2) vs #5 New York Jets (9-4)

#2 Indianapolis Colts (10-1) vs Bye

Bubble Teams Denver Broncos (5-6)

N.F.C. Playoff Picture - PROJECTED MATCH UPS

#1 Los Angeles Rams (10-1) vs Bye

#3 Detroit Lions (11-5) vs #6 Dallas Cowboys (9-7)

#4 Philadelphia Eagles (10-6) vs #5 Green Bay Packers (9-7)

#2 Chicago Bears (10-3) vs Bye

Bubble Teams

Atlanta Falcons (7-6)

San Francisco 49ers (7-6)

New York Giants (6-6)

Washington Redskins (6-7)


Playoff Scenarios and Possibilities


Right now the AFC is pretty much set with it's teams that will make the playoffs. The seedings is where things get tricky. Below is what could happen and what I think will happen.

The Kansas City Chiefs will be your #1 seed, that is going to happen. The road to COFL Bowl X will go through Arrowhead Stadium, plan accordingly.

Now, this is where things get tricky and it starts with the #2 seed. That battle is between New England (12-2) & Indianapolis (10-1). The Patriots are on track to finish 14-2 with their remaining schedule. On the other side you have the Colts at 10-1 and they should be able to win out and finish 15-1. So, as am I writing this, they actually might be the #1 seed in the AFC if they finish 15-1 because their only loss would be against an NFC team while the Chiefs loss is by the Patriots, an AFC team. Wow, things just got even more interesting.

Next up are the 4th, 5th and 6th seeds. Those seeds are between Baltimore (11-2), New York Jets (9-4) & Jacksonville (10-5).

We will start with the Ravens.It looks like the Ravens should finish no worse than 12-4 but could go 14-2. They can finish no better than the 3 seed unless New England loses one game and the Ravens in out. The Ravens remaining schedule is favorable to them, they should finish 13-3 and if they do they will be your 4th seed.

Next up are the two-time defending Champion New York Jets and Coach JT The Jet Miller. They are 9-4 and look to be finishing up at 12-4, their only "tough" game remaining are the Denver Broncos (5-6). The Broncos may be 5-6 but we all know they are better than that. If the Jets falter and lose that game they will fall to 11-5 and are in jeopardy of becoming the 6th seed in the AFC, they would have to face New England in the first round. If they finished 11-5 and the Jaguars finished 11-5 both teams would be tied not only in record but also in conference record at 8-4, the next tie breaker would be record against common opponents.

Finally, the Jacksonville Jaguars & Denver Broncos. The Broncos have to win out to make the playoffs. All Jacksonville has to do is win 1 more game and/or have Denver lose 1 more game and they clinch.


The NFC Playoff Picture is a free for all right now, anything can happen. We could have a six-way tie for the final two seeds.

Let's start with the #1 seed, that will most likely go to the ZZ led Los Angeles Rams. The COFL Experts project him to finish 14-2, no worse than 13-3. The Rams have the tie-breaker over the Chicago Bears (10-3) so they are sitting pretty right now. The road to COFL Bowl X will go through Los Angeles, in fact, it is in Los Angeles this season.

The #2 seed will be the Chicago Bears. They clinched that last night after Drob and the Arizona Cardinals blatantly tanked and missed a 22 yard field goal as time expired. The Bears are expected to finish at 11-5 or 12-4, they have a tough 3 games remaining.

The #3 seed will be the Detroit Lions. Their opponent as the 6th seed is where things get VERY tricky. We will get to that later.

The #4-6 seeds will be one of seven teams. Philadelphia (10-6) is in the playoffs, we just don't know what seed they will be. The teams that threaten them are the 49ers (7-6) whom they split the regular season with, and the Giants (6-6), whom they beat and have the tie-breaker over so that benefits them. They will be the 4-5 seed, regardless of what happens.

The 5-6 seeds is a crazy race. Right now it's Green Bay (9-7) and Dallas (9-7) with San Francisco, New York, Washington and Atlanta hot on their tails. If San Francisco & New York both win out then both Dallas & Green Bay are eliminated. If all six teams finish 9-7 then we will have a 6 way tie for the 5th & 6th seeds. It will go by head to head, conference record and then record against common opponents and so on. Hopefully that doesn't happen but there is a really good chance of it happening.

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