Top Games W/ Playoff Implications

With 5 days remaining in COFL Season X each game is becoming more and more important. You can feel the tension growing, the pressure is at an all-time high and the entire COFL Nation is waiting to see which team can hack it and which team will pack it. Below is a list of the top games to watch with playoff implications on the line.

All games are live on the COFL Network - America's Network

Green Bay (7-7) @ Philadelphia (10-4)

Green Bay has to win out to have a shot at the playoffs. Going 9-7 would tie them with Dallas, whom they beat, so that would give them the edge. They have to keep their eye on Atlanta (7-6) & San Francisco (6-5).

The Eagles are in but they are playing for a bye and/or a 3-4 seed. If they fall to 11-5 they will be tied with the Lions, whom they split the head to head with, so it would go to conference record.

Spread: Eagles -7.5

Prediction: Eagles - 24 Packers - 14


Washington (5-6) @ New York Giants (5-6)

Do NOT sleep on these two teams right here. The Redskins were in the COFL Bowl last season and the Coach of the Giants (DB) has gone to the conference championship game the last two seasons. These two coaches are as deadly as any in the league and if they sneak into the playoffs then lord have mercy on your soul because they are coming for you.

The COFL experts predict that whoever loses this game is out. Whoever wins is still alive but their chances are dwindling, especially with a tough schedule still to go for each team.

Spread: Redskins - 4

Prediction: Redskins - 17 Giants - 10


San Francisco (6-5) @ Green Bay (7-7)

As we stated above, Green Bay has to win out. The 49ers are at 6-5 with some tough games ahead. They have 5 games remaining, they need to 3-2 at the minimum to have a shot at making the playoffs, 4-1 would guarantee them a spot.

Spread: 49ers -3

Prediction: 49ers - 17 Packers 14


Atlanta (7-6) @ Los Angeles Rams (10-1)

Two teams that have kind of shocked everyone, not so much that they are in the playoff race but how they've done it. The Falcons started off 0-5 and have rattled off 7 out of 8 (their only loss to the Lions). The Rams are cruising right now and look to continue that trend.

The Rams are in, no doubt about that. They need that bye, that's what they are playing for. The Falcons, they need to keep on trucking. The Falcons are going to have to win out and finish 10-6 to make the playoffs. They lost to Dallas (9-7) and San Francisco (6-5). It's looking like the 49ers will finish at least 9-7, the only chance the Falcons have of making the playoffs at 9-7 is if the 49ers go 8-8.

Spread: Rams -13.5

Prediction: Rams - 20 Falcons - 6


New York Jets (9-3) @ Kansas City (13-1)

The ever-dangerous JT & the New York Jets. They are quietly 9-3 and quietly going about their business. We all know not to sleep on this giant but the COFL Experts have noticed a pattern of struggles this season that we haven't seen before from the 5 time COFL Bowl Champion.

On the other side you have the Kansas City Chiefs and BigDaddy. Nobody yearns for a COFL Bowl title more than BigDaddy. It would put him in the elite category and would challenge the top two players in the league for supremacy if he were to win it all.

This is a clash of the titans match-up and a must see by everyone in the league. Both teams are in the playoffs, they are just battling for home-field advantage and seeding.

Spread: Chiefs -2.5

Prediction: Jets - 20 Chiefs - 19


Baltimore (10-2) @ Jacksonville (9-5)

All Jacksonville has to do is win this game and they are in the playoffs. The Broncos are still there lurking behind them. The entire nation is rooting for Coach Josh and the Jaguars, the pressure is on and it's full throttle at this point.

The Ravens are in the playoffs but they need to keep winning so they can avoid a 1st round match-up with the two-time defending champs New York Jets. They do NOT want to play the Jets in the 1st round. They need to go 14-2 or 13-3 to avoid that problem. So, this is clearly a MUST WIN for both teams.

Spread: Ravens -3.5

Prediction: Ravens - 13 Jaguars - 7

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