The Bay Area Battle: Season VII Playoff Preview & Predictions

Well, it feels like it took forever to get to this point but we are FINALLY here. The playoffs are here and everything that happened before that means nothing. All you have to is survive and advance, there's nothing like the COFL playoffs #surviveandadvance.

We've done 6 seasons since February of 2017 and this will be the final season of the year before a two month break. Season VIII will start just after Christmas. We've had so many classic and epic games, so many memories and so many dreams shattered in less than a year. There are still more dreams to be made & shattered and we all know there are some classic games ahead.

Wild Card Round Match-Up Preview

#6 Los Angeles Chargers (8-8) @ #3 Kansas City Chiefs (9-7)

It wasn't easy and didn't look pretty but the Los Angeles Chargers are in the playoffs. Now, they face their long-time foe the Kansas City Chiefs. This isn't just the Chiefs vs Chargers rivalry it's BigDaddy vs Jake. Two coaches that don't have pretty things to say about each other. I wouldn't say they hate each other, the two coaches at least respect each other, it's more BigDaddy cannot figure out how to stop Coach Ayler and his offense. Every time they've played it's been a headache. Expect more headaches for the Chargers tomorrow night.


Chiefs - 42

Chargers - 17

#6 Philadelphia Eagles (9-7) @ #3 Arizona Cardinals (11-5)

One of the better, if not the best, match up's in the opening round of the COFL playoffs. Coach Fields and the Eagles head to Arizona to take on COFL Bowl IV winner Coach Fiddy and the Cardinals. Coach Fiddy has his Cardinals so under the radar that his fans didn't even realize they were on a 9 game winning streak. Arizona is so under the radar it's scary, definitely a team to watch out for.

The Eagles are the COFL underdog of the COFL Playoffs. They are the 6th seed, Coach Fields has only made the playoffs one time out of six previous seasons and they snuck in off of a three way tie breaker. The name of the game is survive and advance, that's what Coach Fields and the Eagles have done and need to continue to do. Shut down the Cardinals run and they will be successful. E-A-G-L-E-S..EAGLES! EAGLES! EAGLES!


Eagles - 20

Cardinals - 19

#5 New England Patriots (9-7) @ #4 Baltimore Ravens (9-7)

Another great match up between two teams that literally just played each other last week. Don't expect much offense or many points in this game. It's going to be a grind it out, don't turn the ball over type of game. It's crazy to say but the punters might play the biggest role in this with field position being huge in the playoffs. The Ravens have the better defense and that gives them the edge in this game because defense reigns supreme in the COFL Playoffs.


Ravens - 14

Patriots - 12

#5 Green Bay Packers (9-7) @ #3 Los Angeles Rams (10-6)

The Rams remember, they haven't forgotten the last time the Packers came into The Coliseum. Tonight's prime-time match-up is expected to be an alley fight, fists only. The two teams faced off twice in regular season with the road team winning each time. This is another match up where you shouldn't expect many points, expect a grind it out style of a game with the team turning the ball over the most will lose. Kickoff is set for 7:30pm CT/8:30pm ET live on the COFL Network, be sure to tune in...


Rams - 17

Packers - 3

Playoff Predictions

A.F.C. Divisional Round

#3 Kansas City @ #2 Oakland

Chiefs - 31

Raiders - 20

#4 Baltimore @ #1 Jacksonville

Jaguars - 24

Ravens - 10

N.F.C. Divisional Round

#6 Philadelphia @ #1 Minnesota

Vikings - 20

Eagles - 9

#4 Los Angeles Rams @ #2 Detroit

Rams - 13

Lions - 10

A.F.C. Championship

#3 Kansas City @ #1 Jacksonville

Jaguars - 31

Chiefs - 28

N.F.C. Championship

#4 Los Angeles Rams @ #1 Minnesota

Vikings - 14

Rams - 10


Jacksonville Jaguars vs Minnesota Vikings

Jaguars - 23

Vikings - 16

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