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COFL Football Night In America: Lions @ Rams

COFL Football Night In America Preview

Teams: Detroit Lions (1-0) @ Los Angeles Rams (0-0)

Start Time: 7:37pm CT/8:37pm ET

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Coaches: Prez (53-50) // JTrain (79-30) Network: COFL Network - America's Network

COFL Expert Analysis

The opening night for COFL Football Night In America should be a great one. The Presidents Cup finally makes a return after a season long hiatus and the fans of the COFL are prepared for a slug fest of a match up between the Los Angeles Rams and the Detroit Lions.

The Lions won their season opener 5-3, yup 5-3, against the Carolina Panthers. Don't let the score fool you, the Lions are for real and aren't to be looked past. One reason, they have one of the top coaches in the COFL running the show for them. Coach JTrain takes his 79-30 all-time record to Los Angeles to go toe-to-toe with his long time rival Coach Prez, who is 53-50 all-time.

You're going to see very similar styles of Football tonight. Ground and pound, play defense, limit turnovers and play the field position game. There is no secret when it comes to style of play for these two and that's what will make tonight a great chess match style of a game to watch. How the Lions plan to contain Todd Gurley is the most appealing story line of tonight's game. Expect a lot of run-commit and blitzing from the Lions defense. How the Rams will counter that is yet to be seen or heard, only time shall tell.

Another story line of the game is how Coach JTrain will respond to the allegations of tampering after the draft. Many are calling for a season long suspension or at least a fine for having drafted one team and then back peddling when he realized the talent pool wasn't what he thought it was. Is his reputation damaged? Can he move on from all of the controversy and keep a clear head tonight? One thing the Rams won't have to deal with is controversy, the entire COFL is on their side and rooting for them tonight. Coach JTrain and the Lions have turned into the ultimate villain of the COFL.


Spread: Lions -2.5

Over/Under: 33


Lions - 17

Rams - 6

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