N.F.C. Championship Preview: Seahawks @ Falcons

NFC Championship Preview

Teams: Seattle Seahawks (12-5) @ Atlanta Falcons (16-1)

Start Time: 5:35pm CT/6:35pm ET

Location: Atlanta, GA

Coaches: JMCC (19-15) // Fiddy (75-31) Network: COFL Network - America's Network

COFL Expert Analysis

Great moments are born from great opportunities. For both teams, tonight is a moment that can live on forever in the abyss of the COFL. There are times when are backs are against the wall, all odds are against us, nobody believes in you. In those moments of darkness, a King is born that rises above everyone else. Tonight, we will see someone rise above everyone else and take what is rightfully their own, a trip to COFL Bowl VI in New Orleans, LA.

The Seattle Seahawks come into tonight's game as the underdog, a big underdog. 90% of the COFL population across the entire world has The Atlanta Falcons winning this game and moving on to play Coach Jake and The Kansas City Chiefs in COFL Bowl VI. This is nothing new to Coach McCullough, the UK Silent Assassin who now resides in Northern Ireland. He is used to being doubted, spit on and laughed at. Heading into the Divisional Round match up against the highly touted Coach Konz led Minnesota Vikings team nobody gave him a chance, nobody. He shocked the world then and he plans on shocking the world tonight.

The recipe for the Seahawks is the same as last game. Play defense, run the ball, limit turnovers and live to fight another day. It's easy to say "Play defense" against a Falcons team that averaged 28 points a game during the regulars season and just got done demolishing the Chicago Bears 47-21 in the Divisional Round. Regardless if it's easy to say or not, they will have to find a way to contain Devonta Freeman. He is the key to the Atlanta Falcons success. You don't have to stop him, you have to contain him. He broke the single season rushing record this season, rushing for 2,292 yards. If anyone has the team and personnel to contain Mr. Freeman, it's the Seattle Seahawks.

Speaking of the Falcons and Mr. Freeman, what a season they have had. Only losing one game and stomping the Chicago Bears in the 2nd round of the playoffs. All of that has led them to tonight. It will be an intense, emotional game and they must be ready for a slug fest. To be honest, the Falcons haven't been tested that much this season, they kind of cake walked their way to 15-1. That's not a knock on them, they made it look easy but at the same time the question we all ask is "How will the react when they get punched in the mouth a couple of times?" My question is, "Is Seattle good enough to punch Atlanta in the mouth at least once?"

Coach Fiddy of the Falcons has been here before, multiple times. He knows the emotions of a conference championship game. He knows the up's and downs of each play, each quarter and each half. That's why us at the COFL Network are predicting the Falcons to win tonight in a slugfest. It'll take Seattle to play the perfect game to beat Atlanta tonight, it's just not going to happen.


Spread: Falcons -10.5

Over/Under: 39


Falcons - 23

Seahawks - 13

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