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N.F.C. Wild Card Round Preview: Bears @ Giants

NFC Wild Card Round Preview

Teams: Chicago Bears (10-6) @ New York Giants (10-6)

Start Time: 7:30pm CT/8:30pm ET

Location: MetLife Stadium - New York, NY

Coaches: Prez (52-49) // VanSmack (10-6) Network: COFL Network - America's Network

COFL Expert Analysis

If someone would have said that Coach Prez and the Chicago Bears would be 10-6 and in the playoffs everyone would have laughed. In fact, everybody did laugh and the Bears remember that. They remember every single one of the people that laughed at them. On their way to the playoffs they swept the Packers, shut out 5 teams and won 10 games to earn their way to the 6th seed and a shot at COFL Bowl VI.

On September 6th, JT posted Vegas' odds on who was going to win COFL Bowl VI. The Bears were +21,250 and the Giants were right behind them at +21,900. They were the 25th & 26th teams that had the best chance to win COFL Bowl VI.

Both of these teams are coming into tonight with something to prove. They've been heckled, they've been laughed at and they've been doubted all season long. Only one of them gets to keep laughing at the haters after tonight. It should be a classic game in New York tonight with fans already tailgating and starting to enter the stadium.

The Giants are winners of the NFC East and are led by none other than ODB, Odell Beckham Jr. His NFC leading 50 catches for 1134 yards and 10 touchdowns is what is keeping the Bears defensive coordinator up at night. ODB is so "boom or bust" but if he "boom" you better watch out because it can be explosive.

Speaking of "boom or bust", the Giants themselves have been "boom or bust" as a whole team. They were 3-6 at one point and have since rattled off 7 consecutive wins to finish 10-6, they are the hottest team in the COFL right now. They will be going up against one of the hottest defenses in the league tonight so it'll be a perfect match up for fans to watch.

Speaking of that defense, the Chicago Bears only allowed 11 points this season, shutout 5 teams, 11 defensive touchdowns and forced 46 turnovers this season. They are being compared to the vaunted 85 Bears defense. That's a bit extreme but if they can win tonight, many feel they have a shot at the COFL Bowl but it's one game at a time right now.

We can go on and on about the Bears defense, the offense we can talk about for maybe 5-10 minutes. It's not the prettiest offense but it works and it's successful for them. Mitchell Trubisky finally settled in as the season went on and ended up completing 75% of his passes and only turning the ball over 1 time in his last games. Jordan Howard and the Chicago Bears offensive line is the key tonight, the Giants defense is dangerously good and if the Bears are sloppy they could blow this huge opportunity that is staring them in the face.


Spread: Giants -2.5

Over/Under: 30


Bears - 10

Giants - 9

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