A.F.C. Divisional Round Preview: Bengals @ Chiefs

AFC Divisional Round Preview

Teams: Cincinnati Bengals (12-5) @ Kansas City Chiefs (16-0)

Start Time: 7pm CT/8pm ET

Location: Arrowhead Stadium - Kansas City, MO

Coaches: Hersh (32-20) // Jake (71-25) Network: COFL Network 2

COFL Expert Analysis

Vince Lombardi once said “Gentlemen, we will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way, we shall catch excellence.” That quote can hold true for any playoff team right now, whether it be the Bengals or the Chiefs. But one thing is true, the Kansas City Chiefs are perfect, they are a perfect 16-0. They accomplished what no other COFL Madden Era team has ever done and may never do again, they ran the table during the regular season. Now, it's playoff time and they need to forget about all of that because it can be gone in a second.

The Bengals are ready, they are geared up, they are prepared and they have a plan. Coach Hersh has been there before, he was one game away from a COFL Bowl title, he knows what it takes to not only win but win in the playoffs.

The Chiefs are right there with the Bengals, they are ready, geared up and have a plan as well. They aren't 16-0 for nothing, they are perfect for a reason and they plan to showcase that tonight on the COFL Network 2.

For the Bengals, it's as simple as this...Do not, you cannot, you will not, turn the ball over. They can't afford it tonight, they need to play perfect tonight for the Chiefs will and in order to beat them, you must be on their level. Coach Hersh and his defense are ready, they can do it, they have the players. They are coming off a huge upset win on the road knocking off Houston (12-4), this isn't anything new to them.

One thing that many people don't know about the Bengals is they have 5 shutouts this season, tied with the Chicago Bears for most in the COFL this season. The Chiefs have scored 30 or more points in 9 games this season. They will need that defense to be on point tonight because if they aren't, it could get ugly.

Enough of the underdog, let's talk about the 16-0, legendary Coach Jake and the Kansas City Chiefs. Alex Smith, finalist for Offensive COFL MVP this season, finished the season with 27 touchdowns 13 interceptions this season. That is absolutely amazing, especially when you look at every other quarterback in the league. It'll be a heavy dose of Alex Smith playing his small ball, mixed with occasional deep balls and Kareem "The Dream" Hunt pounding away at the Bengals tonight.

Kansas City just needs to keep doing what they are doing. Don't think too much, just go out and play the way they have all season. They only have 13 turnovers and have forced 40 this season, you can see why they've gone 16-0.

What doesn't get enough talk is the Chiefs defense this season. They didn't have 5 shutouts like the Bengals but they do have 3 shutouts and have held teams to under 6 points in 4 games this season. They are going to make things very difficult for Andy Dalton and the Chiefs passing game tonight, it's almost as if they are already in his head.


Spread: Chiefs -10.5

Over/Under: 43


Chiefs - 35

Bengals - 17

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