N.F.C. Wild Card Round Preview: Buccaneers @ Vikings

AFC Wild Card Round Preview

Teams: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10-5-1) @ Minnesota Vikings (10-6)

Start Time: TBD ET

Location: US Bank Stadium - Minneapolis, MN

Coaches: Konzy (58-16) // Sheed (37-21) Network: COFL Network - America's Network

COFL Expert Analysis

This could easily be an NFC Championship game right here, so even if you're not a fan of either team/coach you're going to want to tune into this game. Some experts are saying whoever wins this game will represent the NFC in COFL Bowl VI.

Coach Konzy, the greatest regular season coach in COFL History. That's a nice title to have, in fact, "Title" is what he's in search of. In 3 seasons of the COFL Madden Era he has been to 2 COFL Bowls and an NFC Championship, none of those turned out well for him. In fact, he was in the COFL for a 4th season but was fired by the Buccaneers, the coach who replaced him went on to COFL Bowl IV and lost. Is there a Coach Konzy jinx going on in the COFL that we aren't aware of?

Enough of the Coach Konz curse. The Minnesota Vikings are hotter than any team right now in the COFL. At one point they were on the verge of missing the playoffs, they were 3-4 and have since gone 7-2 in that stretch. They do a great job of playing defense and involving everyone on offense, especially Latavious Murray. They don't heavily rely on Murray but when they need to they can depend on him. Murray's 1300 yards rushing and 37 catches for just under 400 yards saved them from missing the playoffs this season.

Without two major plays, the Vikings aren't in the playoffs this season. They were trailing against Green Bay and the game was pretty much over, with the Packers only needing to run the clock. A fumble by Ty Montgomery was recovered by Minnesota which led to a game winning touchdown. The very next day they hosted Chicago and were trailing 13-7 with under a minute in the 4th quarter. Backs against the wall, the game all but over, a freak play by the Chicago Bears defensive back left Stefon Diggs wide open for a game winning touchdown. So we have a little bit of Coach Konz Luck and the Coach Konz Curse going head to head tonight in the playoffs.

On the other side of the field you have literally the most dangerous team in the COFL. Without a doubt they are the most dangerous team. Tampa Bay has put up some ungodly like defensive numbers, some that we have never seen. Defensive front-runner Kwon Alexander's 61 tackles, 19 tackles for a loss and 18 interceptions are absolutely unreal. Him vs Latavious Murray is going to be an all-time match up.

The Buccaneers win by playing fast, they don't care if they turn the ball over, they're going to do what they do and they're going to make you make mistakes. The have what you call "Football Amnesia", they don't remember any bad mistakes they make. They a defensive nightmare, their offense has so many weapons and they use them all. Doug Martin (1059 yards rushing) & Jamies Winston (2500 yards passing & 23 TD's) are the leaders but it's not just them. Winston as six WR/TE's with 10 or more catches, needless to say, he spreads the ball around.

Folks, after reading all of that you have to realize that we have one of the best first round match up's we've probably ever had in the COFL. The atmosphere will be electric and we are expecting a lot of points in this one. Make sure you tune into this game.


Spread: Buccaneers -2.5

Over/Under: 47


Buccaneers - 31

Vikings - 27

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