Monday Night Football Preview: Patriots @ Bills

Monday Night Football Preview

Teams: New England Patriots (2-6) @ Buffalo Bills (5-3)

Start Time: 8:30pm ET

Location: Ralph Wilson Stadium - Orchard Park, NY

Coaches: BDukes (31-42) // JTrain (40-30)

COFL Expert Analysis

Well, this match up isn't what the COFL Powers That Be had in mind. The lowly 2-6 New England Patriots head to Orchard Park to face the AFC East Division leading Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football, live on the COFL Network - America's Network.

There is so much going on with the New England Patriots football team we don't even know where to begin. I guess we will have to start with Tom Brady and his 2 touchdown & 35 interceptions. Yes, those stats are correct. Tom Brady has thrown 2 touchdowns and 35 interceptions, say that out loud. I mean, there comes a point where you either change your gameplan or at least tone it down a little bit and not throw the ball as much. Brady is only completing 49% of his passes too. I'm getting frustrated just typing this out and seeing his stats, can't imagine what the Patriot faithful are saying about Coach Dukes right now.

Where is the Patriot running game? Only 259 total rushing yards through 7 games of stats? That can't happen, you have to be able to run the ball and limit your turnovers if you ever want to be successful, especially in the COFL. This isn't a franchise with a bunch of Jim's and Beanie's, this is the real deal.

Alright, enough of that. On to the other side of the field with the Buffalo Bills and Coach Nasty Nate and The Dirty Boys. If Coach Dukes could take notes from a team the Buffalo Bills are them. Are they the most talented? Nope, but they find ways to get it done. They limit Tyrod Taylor from turning the ball over and give you a heavy dose of LeSean "Shady" McCoy. McCoy has over 800 all-purpose yards in six games of stats this season and is a sleeper for COFL MVP right now.

Right now the Bills are one of the few "Ultimate Teams" in the COFL. What we mean by that is each side of the ball compliments the other. The offense doesn't turn the ball over, they run the majority of the time and they give their defense a chance to be successful by doing all of the above and taking time off the clock. The defense returns the favor by forcing turnovers (9 in 6 games) and putting the offense in situations to be successful. The motto for the Buffalo Bills going into this season was "Great moments are born from great opportunities". Tonight is one of those. It may not be the COFL Bowl or a playoff game but it is a chance for them to come one step closer to clinching their first Division Title in COFL History.


Spread: Bills -20.5

Over/Under: 48

Players to Watch

Dion Lewis - New England Patriots

They have to run the ball and it has to be with Dion Lewis.

Tyrod Taylor - Buffalo Bills

Expect the Patriots to be ready for LeSean McCoy, the Bills will have to look at Tyrod to step it up and lead them tonight.


Bills - 34

Patriots - 9

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