Monday Night Football Preview: Bengals @ Broncos

Monday Night Football Preview

Teams: Cincinnati Bengals (4-3) @ Denver Broncos (5-0)

Start Time: 8:30pm ET

Location: Denver, CO

Coaches: Hersh (20-15) // JTrain (66-26)

COFL Expert Analysis

Monday Night Football brings us to the Mile High atmosphere of Denver, CO tonight as the undefeated and defending champion Denver Broncos host the upstart Cincinnati Bengals. It'll be a good one tonight, be sure to tune in to the COFL Network 2.

The Bengals and Coach Hersh come into tonight feeling better about things as of late. It was a rough start to the season for them, fans were about ready to revolt, players were angry with the staff and mostly they were angry with Coach Hersh and how he was handling the offense. Things have settled down since then and Andy Dalton is the one to thank. His numbers aren't the best, especially his 11 touchdowns & 15 interceptions (8 in one game), but his completion percentage at 74% is outstanding.

Tonight it's not going to be about the Bengals offense, it's going to come down to their defense. Points will be hard for them to come by and they are going to need their defense to do something they haven't done all season...score a touchdown. They have 0 defensive touchdowns in 7 games, they need one tonight and they'll need it early. The Broncos aren't 5-0 for nothing, they are coming prepared and ready.

Speaking of the Broncos, how about them Broncos and Coach Miller? They are sitting pretty at 5-0 right now and really haven't had to sweat too much. In fact, they've made it look pretty easy with an average schedule through the first two weeks of the season.

The Broncos have had the same recipe they've always had under Coach Miller. They run the ball, they don't turn it over and they play in your face, smack you around defense. Nothing will change, they will be doing the same tonight against Cincinnati. They have 12 sacks and 9 interceptions in 5 games this season, expect those numbers to climb tonight.


Spread: Broncos -9.5

Over/Under: 37

Players to Watch

Von Miller (Denver Broncos)

He's due for a breakout game, it's coming and it looks to be tonight. His 13 tackles, 7 tackles for a loss and 4 sacks should be triple that for the amount of time people avoid going at him.

Andy Dalton (Cincinnati Bengals)

He's going to have to play lights out tonight for the Bengals to have a chance.


Broncos - 27

Bengals - 13

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