COFL Night In America Preview: Broncos @ Chargers - Live on COFL Network 2

COFL Night In America Preview

Teams: Denver Broncos (4-0) @ Los Angeles Chargers (2-2)

Start Time: TBD

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Coaches: JTrain (66-26) Broncos // Clemson2311 (59-31) Chargers

COFL Expert Analysis Well, here it is, week 2 and we already have a grudge match-up game that is drawing major attention from COFL viewers. The two teams in tonight's COFL Night In America game faced off in week 1 with the Broncos prevailing 35-21 in Denver. It wasn't so much the game that people remember, it's what the LA Chargers coach had to say after the game. He was quoted as saying, "I guaran-damn- tee that we will get this fixed and beat Denver next week. You can print that, tweet that. Whatever.” That's a bold statement and Denver heard it loud and clear.

The Broncos are led by none-other than CJ Anderson and their offensive line. Through 4 games Anderson has 639 yards and 9 touchdowns, averaging 160 yards a game. Expect a heavy, heavy dose of Anderson in this game. Our Experts at COFL Headquarters assume that Coach Miller will be mixing in more pass to keep the Chargers off-balance but when it all comes down to it, Coach Miller is going to have CJ and the offensive line carry them this game.

The Broncos defense has been good this season but they've shown they have some holes in it. That may come as a surprise to you reading that, especially since they are only giving up 11 points a game. They were exposed a bit in the Bills and Chargers match-up's early in the season, especially in the run game. It's one small area they need to sure up if they want to continue this streak they are on.

On the other side we have the world famous Coach Clemson and the Los Angeles Chargers. They sit at 2-2 but are starting to pick up steam after starting off 0-2 against the Chiefs and Broncos who are a combined 8-0 this season.

We're not saying this is a must win for the Chargers but the AFC Playoff picture is looking tough and falling to 2-3 with some tough games ahead of them could spell trouble in Los Angeles. Still, it's no time to fret but butt cheeks should be getting tight. Coach Clemson has never missed the playoffs in his COFL career.

The Chargers are similar to the Broncos, they live with the run game. Melvin Gordon has 481 yards and 7 touchdowns through 4 games this season. Not quite CJ Anderson numbers but he's finding his groove as of late.

It's obvious that both teams can and want to run the ball but the X-Factor in this game with be the Quarterback play. Surprisingly, that edge goes to Paxton Lynch. He knows how to protect the ball and manage the game, that's what it will take to win tonight.


Spread: Broncos -1

Over/Under: 44

Players to Watch

CJ Anderson (Denver Broncos)

He's not the #1 running back in the league for nothing right now. Make sure you tune in to watch him.

Melvin Gordon (Los Angeles Chargers)

Can he get out of CJ Anderson's shadow? Can he carry the Chargers out of the Broncos' shadow?


Broncos - 28

Chargers - 17

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