Philadelphia Eagles - State of Union Address

1960. 57 years ago. Lombardi. Starr. That was the last time the city of Brotherly Love, won a championship. Since then, a trail of heartbreaking losses, unlit victory cigars, and incessant booing have saturated the streets of Philadelphia. Each year men, women, children of all ages, races, have come together each September believing this year is our year. Those dreams were never more real under coach Andy Reid. 4 straight trips to the NFC Championship game, gave Philadephians wet dreams. Those dreams were turned into living nightmares.

Since a 6'5 ginger from North Dakota was selected #2 overall, the dreaming has commenced again. A busy off-season, adding weapons for this young savior was priority number one. In the always tough NFC East it's always a war. In war you need weapons of mass destruction. Alshon (Jeffrey), Torry Smith, Lagrette "Smoke A" Blount give the Eagles the weaponry to wage war against the all those who stand in the way of flock.

When the time comes, and the bell rings, each and every Eagle will be ready to throw jaw breaking, earth shaking, knee shaking left hooks from the row-homes of South Philly. Whether its those ladies from Texas, or the creeps from New York, or those irrelevant bums from the nation's capital it doesn't matter. When that parade with 3 million fans partying up Broad Street for days, and when Philly finally brings home the Lombardi Trophy, the world will know. EVERY FALL WE RISE. Oh, and I didn't forget what every Eagle fan young and old believes more than anything, a chant that is more common than water - Dallas Sucks! Dallas Sucks! Dallas Sucks!

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