LA Chargers Kickoff Classic Post-Game Press Conference

LA Chargers Press Secretary Sean Spicey takes to the microphone following a devastating 35-21 loss to Rival Coach JT and the Denver Broncos

Sean Spicey: “Well obviously, this isn't the way we envisioned the game going. We thought we had a good week of practice and we thought we were well prepared, but we didn't perform or execute on game day. Coach Clemson will tell you that's on the coaching staff, and he will be here shortly to answer your questions. Thank you.”

Sean Spicey steps away. The crowd of reporters murmurs while waiting for the arrival of Coach Clemson. After five minutes, Coach steps to the microphone and taps it to gain the attention of the room.

Coach Clemson: “Okay. Well, we got our asses kicked. No two ways about it. We hung in there for a while and I thought we executed fairly well, especially offensively considering what a great defensive mind Coach JT is. We in the Chargers organization have a lot of respect for him and what his team can do. Obviously had some problems defensively. A big part of that is on us and our game plan, but give those guys on the other side some credit too. Their line blocked really well and that quarterback over there didn't make many mistakes. Really only had one bad play and it was just a great play on the part of our linebacker. Overall, we have a lot to work on and we'll get back to the drawing board. We've taken some hard losses before and we always find a way to bounce back. I have no doubt we can do the same here. Now, I'll take some questions.”

The hands fly up. A reporter right up front is pointed out first.

Reporter: “Prez, COFL Sun Times. Coach, how would you asses the performance of Denver running back CJ Anderson? Do you think he's really as good as the numbers said, or would you put that more on your defense?”

Coach Clemson: “Well, he broke off some big runs. The offensive line, like I mentioned earlier, was blocking really well for him and he had an easy time finding a hole. Obviously, we need to do something different because we got pushed around in the trenches. Maybe we just need to blitz more. Maybe we need to go out and find some guys with more heart. We'll evaluate that during practices this upcoming week. Half of it is game plan and half of it is effort. We'll go watch the tape and figure out which half failed.”

A second reporter is pointed out, wearing a very similar outfit to the first one

Reporter: “Hersh, COFL Sun Times. Coach, Melvin Gordon had some success on the ground, including a long scamper for a touchdown right before the end of the half. Why did he only get 9 carries in the game? Will that be a problem going forward?” Coach Clemson: “Well, there's a few reasons for that. Coach JT and the Broncos have a very good defense. Usually, we like to make the running back the feature player in our offense as you've seen from my days in Houston and Tennessee. But sometimes you have to change your plan when you're going up against a defense this good. And we have the personnel to do so. Phillip (Rivers) is a great Quarterback and he's been in this league for a long time. (Keenan ) Allen has the potential to be a star at receiver for us, as does the rookie Mike Williams. Then there's Antonio (Gates) who's been the league for what feels like 400 years. He knows how to make plays, and we have another Tight End in the form of Hunter Henry who is gonna be a good one. The best thing you can do is try to be balanced when you're up against a defense like that, and we have the play makers on offense to do so. Our plan was to get Melvin 12-15 touches. He got 11, so we weren't too far off there. He would have gotten more, but we were behind too much late in the game and transitioned to more heavy receiver sets. Melvin will be just fine in our system, and I don't envision this being an issue for the rest of the season. Any other questions?”

The crowd murmurs again. Coach Clemson gets up to leave and taps the microphone to make his final statement when the hand of Prez from the Sun Times goes up again.

Prez: “Coach... you made a statement in the heat of the moment about the rematch taking place next week. Would you care to elaborate?”

Coach Clemson clears his throat, taking a second to look around the room.

Coach Clemson: “I said a lot of things in the heat of the moment, some I wish I could take back. But that's football. It's an emotional game, and I won';t apologize for anything. With that said, we're going to hit the film room and the field... and I'll say it again. I guaran-damn- tee that we will get this fixed and beat Denver next week. You can print that, tweet that. Whatever.”

Coach Clemson picks up the microphone, only to drop it on the ground. He walks away, kicking open the door in the back as the crowd of reporters buzz excitedly behind him.

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