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Monday Night Football Preview - Falcons @ Bears 10:30pm ET- Live on COFL Network

Monday Night Football Preview

Teams: Atlanta Falcons (0-0) @ Chicago Bears (0-0)

Start Time: 9:30pm CT/10:30pm ET

Location: Soldier Field - Chicago, IL

Coaches: Fiddy (59-30) Falcons // Prez (42-43) Bears

COFL Expert Analysis The hype is real folks, Monday Night Football is making it's debut tonight LIVE on the COFL Network - America's Network at 9:30pm CT. Tailgating starts at 4:30pm CT and the gates open at 6:30pm CT, expect a raucous crowd at Solider Field tonight. The hype is also real about Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears faithful are eating up like deep dish pizza from Lou Malanati's on a Sunday afternoon after drinking the night before.

What the Bears faithful doesn't realize or is just too drunk from the cool-aide they've been drinking is that The Falcons are the real deal and have been the real deal for quite some time. Add a legendary coach like Coach Fiddy into the mix and they are automatically a COFL Bowl contender. Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Devonte Freeman, Tevin Coleman, Mohamed Sanu. That's five threats we just rattled off of the top of our head, that's what the Bears have to deal with tonight.

Coming into tonight the Bears have a little bit of a chip on their shoulder. Nobody, and we mean nobody, is giving them a chance in this game, let along the entire season. They are picked to finish last in their division by every expert the COFL has and many feel they won't win more than 5 games this season. If that's not bulletin board material, then I don't know what is.

On the other side of the field, the Atlanta Falcons are picked by every expert to win their division and compete for a COFL Bowl title. Rightfully so, as we stated above they have the coach and the talent to do it. We don't need to go into that again.

Tonight's game will be hyped, the crowd will be in it, the coaches will be into it and it will be an alley fight from start to finish. You have a team that has a chip on it's shoulder hosting the season opener on Monday Night, they will be ready. You have another team that has a business-like attitude and knows how to take a punch, they will be ready.


Spread: Falcons -9.5

Over/Under: 34.5

Players to Watch

Jordan Howard & the Offensive Line (Chicago Bears)

They will live and die by him this season, but it's not just him, it's their offensive line as well.

Julio Jones (Atlanta Falcons)

Can the Falcons get him the ball? Can the Bears contain him? If he has more than 5 catches and over 100 yards expect this game to be a blowout. Bears need to keep him under that to have a chance.

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