NFC West - Division Preview

Seattle Seahawks - Coach JMCC

Coach JMCC has had some bright moments in his brief COFL career, and he grabbed a seemingly excellent team in the Seahawks. However, Seattle has a history of coaches not fitting in well there and exiting after disappointing seasons. JMCC will need to work around their terrible offensive line and still find a way to get it to their playmakers at wide receiver. The defense is perhaps the best in the league and it should take care of itself.

We are predicting a bumpy ride for JMCC, but the schedule is easy enough that he should be able to pull it together and survive his way into the playoffs with 8-9 wins.

Los Angeles Rams - Coach JMGrace

Coach Jimmy Grace made what some are calling one of the biggest boner picks in draft history, taking the LA Rams at the 13th pick. He's been awfully quiet lately, and no one is sure what's on his mind or what led him to make this baffling pick.

Jimmy has one of the more interesting play styles in the league, and that alone should be enough to get him a few wins. But the talent deficit he will face in many games will be too much too overcome. We are thinking 4-6 wins for the Rams.

San Francisco 49ers - Coach Sean John

Speaking of confusing draft picks, we have to mention that rookie coach Sean John left the Cardinals, Bills, Bengals, Dolphins, Jags, Lions and Vikings on the table and instead went with the lowly Kaepernick-less 9ers at the 23rd pick. (Kap was a bright spot for them under Coach Geaux in Season V, though they narrowly missed the playoffs in a controversial FFL decision.)

Coach SJ will need to find a way to move the ball with an offense that frankly looks like hot garbage. He's shown good passing skills in the preseason but we don't think it will be enough to overcome the lack of talent. On defense (rated second worst in the league at 76), he'll need to get creative and find a way to confuse people and get pressure. Otherwise he's going to be on the wrong end of some beatings.

Arizona Cardinals - Coach DB

Coach DB is entering his third straight season with the Cards. There were no signs of improvement last season, but DB seems to be adjusting to the new game well and that, combined with a weak division, has given the Arizona fans some hope that the end of their playoff drought may come to an end.

Coach DB can hang with just about anyone when he's locked in and playing smart. When he loses focus in his Party chats (mostly with the slightly crazy Ayo "Major Bagz Alert"), things fall apart quickly and he quickly shifts the blame to EA. We think the new five week season may be too much for him to hold proper focus. He may lose interest and end up searching all the Frito Lay products at Target for MUT rewards. We are expecting 7-8 wins.

COFL Expert Predictions

Seattle Seahawks: 8-8

Arizona Cardinals: 7-9

Los Angeles Rams: 5-11

San Francisco 49ers: 4-12

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