NFC North - Division Preview

The NFC North is absolutely stacked with talent this season, with only the AFC West being in the same conversation for the COFL's best conference. Get ready for the most intriguing match-ups of the season here.

Minnesota Vikings - Coach Konz

In the most surprising event of the off-season, previously banned-for-life coach King Konz was reinstated after a last minute departure left the league in need of a replacement just prior to the draft. Although he was set to pick dead last in the draft, Konz benefited from what was surely the most bonerific draft to date. Two coaches didn't show up at all, and two others took the lowly 49ers and Jets when multiple solid teams were still on the board. This perfect storm somehow left the Minnesota Vikings unpicked, and Konz chose them over the Jaguars in order to join the NFC North and get two games with Prez (Bears) to continue on the most infamous rivalry in the COFL.

The Vikings have an excellent defense, and Coach Konz always finds a way to move the ball, so he should be in good shape even with mediocre offensive talent. As always, Konz will be right there in the hunt for the number one seed.

Green Bay Packers - Coach DRob

DRob was blessed with the number two pick in the draft by the Wheel of Destiny. Despite the Patriots and Steelers being on the board, he surprised many by taking the Packers. Coach DRob with Aaron Rodgers' arm is expected to be a deadly combination. The Packers do have a couple weak spots on defense, but he's good enough to mask them and make it work.

On top of the talent, the Packers have one of the more favorable schedules in the conference. There is nothing outside of the division that is going to scare many Green Bay fans. Expect 12-14 wins and very likely a number one seed for the Cheeseheads. They are currently the Vegas favorite to win COFL Bowl VI at +640.

Chicago Bears - Coach Prez

"Don't sleep on me!" Coach Prez stated emphatically to end his re-introductory press conference outside of Soldier Field just following the Season VI Draft. Those words have become a battle cry of sorts in Chicago, and Bears fans have taken to social media to annoy the hell out of everyone within tweeting distance (#DontSleepOnMe).

But behind the marketing, how much of a chance do the Bears really stand in this brutal division? Not much of one, according to the experts. In fact, they are expected to be at least four-point underdogs in all six division games. They mostly avoided anything too daunting outside of that, but with mediocre talent and no big play threat to speak of, there won't be many easy victories this season.

Mitch Trubisky is likely to be the starter, and preseason games have revealed his liking for stepping up in the pocket and taking off down the middle of the field. Opponents will have to account for that scrambling ability and commit to stopping Jordan Howard. If they do that, the Bears are in trouble. Expect 220-240 carries for Howard this season. We think the Bears get 5-8 ugly victories and have an outside shot of slipping into the playoffs.

Detroit Lions - Coach AK

Coach AK was perhaps the most intriguing story of the COFL for Madden 17. He came on like Gang Busters and ruthlessly destroyed many opponents using a frustrating but lethal combination of around three plays. It didn't look like his lobby style and abrasive me-against-the-world personality would last long in the COFL. But in a surprising turn of events, we would slowly see that under that maniacal Tongan mask was actually one of the nicest and most reasonable members of the league. It was a face turn for the ages that culminated in the majority of the league rooting him on in COFL Bowl V.

That leads us to the Season VI Draft, where Coach AK had a rough draw in the Wheel of Destiny, receiving the 27th pick. There were still a handful of solid teams left, including several from the AFC. He surprised everyone by taking his talents to the Motor City. When asked about this at the press conference, he responded with striking honesty. "I wanted nothing to do with Coach JT and the Denver Broncos. Not after what happened. I still have nightmares. I'm moving on from the past. It's time to look forward. I'm excited to start a new chapter of my life in the NFC."

Expect a few hiccups from the Lions along the way, as they will have to deal with some glaring weaknesses on the defensive end. However, we have no doubt that Coach AK will once again hit double-digit wins.

COFL Expert Predictions

Green Bay Packers: 13-3

Minnesota Vikings: 12-4

Detroit Lions: 11-5

Chicago Bears: 6-10

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