N.F.C. East Division Preview

Dallas Cowboys - Coach PupDaddy

Fresh off the playoffs, Coach Pup is looking to go back with a bigger and better team this time. Big D is excited to have him back too, last time he was there it was a dismal season but it was the beginning of something great for him. Something clicked mid-way through the season where he finally figured out that throwing off your back foot into triple coverage isn't a good thing.

The NFC is a solid division, it won't be easy and these games will all be slug can bank on that. Obviously the key to the Cowboys being successful is Ezekiel Elliott getting at least 12 carries a game, in fact he should be getting 18-25 a game. You must feed the beast and feed him often.

COFL Experts are expecting the Cowboys to finish anywhere from 8-8 to 11-5. Coach Pup has figured things out and knows what it takes to be successful in the COFL.

New York Giants - Coach Freedman

Who is Coach Freedman? Nobody has any clue, literally none. Some are calling him the silent assassin because nobody has really heard from him or even played him. Is he legit? Is he ready for All-Madden and the COFL? A lot of questions, probably too many to be honest.

The Giants are solid but a bad offensive line is really gonna hurt them, especially with Coach Freedman being new to the COFL and playing on All-Madden for the first time. Their defense will be fine but offensively, it may be a struggle. We can already see Eli Manning having at least 20 INT's, most of those because he's trying to for the ball to ODB.

Word to the wise for Coach Freedman, live to fight another day. COFL Experts predict the G-Men to finish anywhere from 5-11 to 8-8. Too many questions and a bad offensive line spell disaster for New York.

Philadelphia Eagles - Coach VaFonGool

Two seasons removed from the NFC Championship Coach VaFonGool has a team that he feels can take him back to the playoffs. With a couple of prime-time games the Eagles are a team to watch this season. Carson Wentz, LaGarrette "Smoke A" Blount and Alshon Jeffery....that's a nice 3 headed monster. Only question we have for the Eagles is can they use their weapons the right way? That's on the coach to make that happen.

They are the front-runner to win the NFC East this season, it's theirs for the taking but it won't be easy. The NFC is solid and it may take the Eagles and Coach VaFonGool until mid-season to figure out how to use their weapons. That may be too late.

COFL Experts predict the Eagles to finish anywhere from 8-8 to 11-5.

Washington Redskins - Coach Ricky

The DC area is excited to have Coach Ricky "Bobby" back, they feel it's their best chance to go to a COFL Bowl since Coach Clemson had them a few seasons ago. They're just excited to be done with Coach Nate, he is never welcome back in Washington ever again.

It's playoffs or bust for the Redskins this season, Coach Ricky needs it. He missed the playoffs last season, he has the weapons to get their. The strength of the Redskins team this season is their defense. All The Skins and their offense has to do is not screw the game, don't force the ball, just run the ball and let the defense put you in good field position. It sounds like a simple formula but Coach Ricky is known for throwing at least 30 INT's a season with any QB he has. He has to slow the game down and grind some wins out, only way he can make the playoffs is if he does that.

COFL Experts predict the Redskins to finish anywhere from 7-9 to 9-7, all depends on if they slow the game down.

COFL Expert Predicitions

Philadelphia Eagles - 10-6

Dallas Cowboys - 9-7

Washington Redskins - 8-8

New York Giants - 6-10

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