N. F. C. South Division Preview

Atlanta Falcons - Coach Fiddy

Coach Fiddy is back in Atlanta, last time he was there he was run out of town after a first round playoff upset loss to Bdukes and the Chicago Bears in Atlanta. He has then moved on to bigger and better things, he's happy and satisfied in his life. Most of all, he has a COFL Championship, something that eluded him for many seasons and years.

The Falcons are arguably the best team in the game, you give them one of the top coaches in the game and that catapults them to a top team that many think can and will represent the NFC in COFL Bowl VI. The Falcons have never been to the COFL Bowl, they've barely sniffed it. The closest they've come was last seasons Divisional Round loss to then COFL Bowl runner-up New York Giants.

All history aside, the Falcons should roll through the season. They may have their up's and downs throughout the year but they just need to be ready come playoff time. They open up the season in Chicago against the lowly Chicago Bears, we will see if they are ready for the Prime-Time lights on Monday Night Football.

Experts have them finishing anywhere from 11-5 to 14-2, only team that can beat them is themselves.

Carolina Panthers - Coach ZZ

The emotional hurricane himself AKA Hot Tips Holton is glad to be back in Carolina after a 14-2 season and a Divisional Round exit. Him and Luke "Lurk Alert" Kuechly were a match made in heaven last season, they look to keep that going.

Don't expect a 14-2 year this season for the Panthers, it's literally impossible for them to do that. They're going to get a dose of reality this season with a tough division that has them going up against Sheed (Tampa Bay) and Fiddy (Atlanta) four times. Also, they have to go against Robyn (Saints) who doesn't get the credit she deserves.

Coach Holton has a simple gameplan and it the ball, limit turnovers and play lights out defense. Experts have him doing most of that, expect a higher amount of turnovers and an even higher amount of emotional moments from Hot Tips this season. Gonna be a wild and crazy season in Carolina, should be fun to watch. Expect them to finish anywhere from 7-9 to 9-7.

New Orleans Saints - Coach Robyn

Can Coach Robyn finally become the first woman to ever make the COFL Playoffs? Doubt it but she has a chance. She plays a stingy defensive style that annoys opponents and she has more weapons on offense than anyone in the league. What always hurts her are the turnovers, she needs to learn to fight another day and play a game of field position.

Experts have her in the fight for the playoffs but turnovers are and always will be the demise of her chances. Until she learns how to adapt and overcome she won't see the playoffs. Expect a 7-9 to 9-7 season from the Saints and Coach Robyn this year.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Coach Sheed

Sheed might be the perfect fit for Tampa Bay or vice versa. Regardless, we believe Coach Sheed will make some noise this season, more noise than he ever has. This may be the team to watch out for, especially in the NFC.

Jamies Winston, Mike Evans, DeSean Jackson and Doug Martin...the Four Hourseman, good luck defending that. Coach Sheed has a defense too! If he could just play a little bit more defense than he has in the past he can make a run at the COFL Bowl. The NFC South is a tough division, it's in the top 3 for toughest divisions, so he's going to have to play some defense if he wants to make the playoffs.

COFL Experts have the Bucs finishing anywhere from 9-7 to 11-5. They have too many weapons, too good of a defense and Sheed is too good of a coach to not make the playoffs.

Divisional Predictions

Atlanta Falcons - 12-4

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 11-5

Carolina Panthers - 6-10

New Orleans Saints - 6-10

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