AFC North - Division Preview

Baltimore Ravens - Coach Keller

Coach Keller takes his beloved Ravens into the Madden 18 era after the best season of his career. However, his dream season ended on a sour note, getting rocked in his opening playoff game 28-7 at the hands of Coach Clemson and the Titans. Not many were surprised by this outcome, though, as many experts pointed to their weak strength of schedule and did not consider them a true contender despite their number one seed.

In a weak division, Keller could have another 10+ win season. There is only one guarantee: He will continue to be the worst stat-scroller in the entire league.

Pittsburgh Steelers - Coach Teb

A lot has been said about Coach Teb over the years—almost all of it bad. He's a loose cannon, but he's back with his Season 1 team, the Steelers, and probably the best offense in Madden 18. If he can avoid self-destructing in a pool of hatred and 2nd grade memes, he has the chance to take advantage of a talented team and an easy schedule. The smart money is him being forcefully removed from the league by Week 4, but if he manages to keep it together, he could see 8-9 wins and a low seed in the playoffs.

Cincinnati Bengals - Coach Hersh

Hersh Tha Hunter. Tha Hater. Tha Heckler. He has a lot of names but early returns are showing perhaps the most appropriate one for Madden 18 is Hersh Tha Horrible. I mean really, really bad. It doesn't help that he drew a very low draft pick and got stuck with the underwhelming Bengals.

The good news is that he is likely to improve, and his schedule is on the easy side. The big question will be, can he learn to utilize AJ Green? He's not typically a coach that uses a lot of deep passes. We'll see. He's going to have to adjust and expand his game. We have him finishing anywhere from 6 to 10 wins.

Cleveland Browns - Coach Rajun

Coach Rajun went MIA this off-season, including missing the draft entirely and being stuck with the last remaining team: The Cleveland Browns. After several days of absence, Mr. Cajun randomly popped into the chat and, without any acknowledgement of his absence, simply uttered, "Browns. I'm pumped" which was met with incredulous stares.

Many are questioning whether he has the energy, the commitment and simply the talent to make any sort of splash any more in the modern COFL. Will be prove the doubters wrong, or will this finally be the year he retires from Madden? Perhaps the only thing that could go right for him in Season VI is staying put, avoiding draft penalties and getting a top three pick for Season VII. This could get ugly.

COFL Expert Predictions

Baltimore Ravens: 9-7

Cincinnati Bengals: 9-7

Pittsburgh Steelers: 8-8

Cleveland Browns: 2-14

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