A.F.C. East - Division Preview

Buffalo Bills - Coach Nate

A lot of questions swirling around in Buffalo, NY heading into Season VI of the COFL. The main one that everyone is asking..."Is Coach Nate committed to Buffalo?" That's a great question. His stint in Washington was short lived, he only lasted 9 games and didn't even finish the season. He then entered a double elimination tournament and chose not to finish that as well. So, keeping with the trend of Coach Nate, we are not gonna finish his season preview.

Miami Dolphins - Coach Jim

The Miami Dolphins may be the most entertaining team to watch this season. Not only is Jay Cutler back but Jim Bradshaw is too, his first full season in the COFL since 2009 (maybe, not sure if that's true but it's close). Coach Bradshaw have a solid team and a solid chance at making the playoffs. His opening week schedule is pretty tough with divisional rival New York Jets, Coach Sheed and Tampa Bay and then San Diego against Coach Clemson.

The goal of the Dolphins is to play turnover-free football, run the ball and don't for Jay Cutler to make plays for you. They have the defense to do it and they have the running game to do. If Coach Bradshaw can commit to both of those they should finish 9-7 and have a shot at the playoffs. If only he can commit, his past resume doesn't bode well for him. He plays no defense and loves to throw the ball. So, plan on Coach Bradshaw finishing 4-12 to 6-10.

New England Patriots - Coach Dukes

Arguably the best team in the game this season, Coach Dukes has all the weapons he needs to be successful. It's been 2 seasons since he's reached the playoffs and he's starting to slip in the coach rankings, along with his personal life. Tom Brady and the Patriots are the perfect remedy for both.

The long awaited COFL Night In America game between Coach Jake and the Kansas City Chiefs will give us a small idea of what to expect from Coach Dukes and the Patriots this season. It's a great early season test but we won't read too much into it because it is still early.

The only real question for New England is who will be the running back? With Lagarette "Smoke A" Blount gone to Philadelphia it will be between James White and Mike Gillisslee. That is the only weakness we see in the Patriots this season, that's not even a real weakness either.

Plan on the Patriots and BDukes being a playoff team this season, figure he'll go 10-6 to 12-4 and have a nice chance at making COFL Bowl VI in New Orleans.

New York Jets - Coach WalkingBomb

We don't really know too much about him but COFL Experts have a feeling he will make some noise this season. What kind of noise, you ask? Well, he seems to have some emotional issues so as long as he takes

his meds he should be okay but will he take his meds?

In all seriousness, the Jets have a brutal team but don't sleep on them, they and Coach WB can & will find ways to win. In his pre-season debut he looked solid and showed signs of solid user skills. What may hurt him early in the year is playing on All-Madden, that may take him a few games to get used to.

COFL Experts expect the Jets to finish around 6-10 to 8-8, they won't be as bad as everyone expects.

Projected Standings

New England Patriots - 11-5

New York Jets - 7-9

Miami Dolphins - 6-10

Buffalo Bills - GFY

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