A. F. C. West Division Preview

Denver Broncos - Coach JTrain

He's back...the defending, I mean, two-time defending champion, is back! Coach JT and the Denver Broncos are back to defend their title against the entire nation.

To be honest, don't expect much to change in the Coach JT/Broncos love affair. They're gonna play great defense, run the ball and make you pay when you turn the ball over. That's what they do, that's what he does.

He's taken his lumps this off-season with back to back losses to the Chicago Bears & Mitchell Trubisky in the COFL Pre-Season but that doesn't mean a thing. If anything, they got better because of it.

COFL Experts have the Broncos finishing at 11-5 to 13-3. Their division is a tough one with not only their division team rivals but they have their coach rivals to face as well in Coach Jake & Coach Clemson. Should be interesting to see if Coach JT & The Broncos lost a step or two or if it's just business as usual.

Kansas City Chiefs - Coach Jake

The King of the COFL is back to where it all started, Kansas City. Coach Jake wouldn't be Coach Jake if it wasn't for Kansas City. They owe him and he owes them.

The Chiefs are absolutely perfect for Coach Jake, too perfect. COFL Experts have him as the front runner to not only appear in COFL Bowl VI but to win it all. They have the defense, nobody doubts that at all. Their offense is what people doubt but offense is Coach Jake's specialty. He makes an average player good and a good player great, that's just what he does and that's why he is the King of the COFL, for now.

COFL Experts, as stated above have the Chiefs finishing a top the division and in COFL Bowl VI. They should finish anywhere from 11-5 to 14-2, a lot depends on their division and if it will be as good as advertised.

Oakland Raiders - Coach Kendall

To be honest, COFL Experts aren't sure about Coach Kendall. The lasting impression that they have on him is him quitting after getting beat and didn't understand why he was being chastised. Hopefully, that is all in the past and he can take his lumps like the rest of us before he gets better because he has some more lumps coming his way in a tough division.

COFL Experts have nowhere else but to put the Raiders and Coach Kendall at the bottom of the AFC West, there is nowhere else to put them in, arguably, the best division in the league. Experts see them finishing 1-5 to 0-6 in division play, that's very hard to bounce back from. It's not so much that they aren't good, they just aren't on the level of their divisional competition.

Expect the Raiders to finish around 4-12 to 6-10, nothing better than that.

Los Angeles Chargers

The often opinionated and sometimes overly emotional Coach Clemson takes his thoughts and beliefs to Los Angeles this season. He's gone Hollywood and he has a lot of people believing in what he's preaching this season. The Chargers might be the sleeper team in the division, let alone the AFC. Everyone is focusing on Kansas City and Denver, nobody is talking about Los Angeles.

There's no doubt that on offense that they have the weapons to put up points with Phillip River, Melvin Gordon, Antonio Gates, Keenan Allen and Tyrell Williams. Defensively, they're going to give points, a lot of them. That is there Achilles and it may be there demise as well.

COFL Experts see them finishing anywhere from 10-6 to 12-4. They have a coach that can win with any team he is given, regardless of talent. The AFC West could have 3 of the 6 AFC playoff teams, gonna be a dog fight this season.

Divisional Predictions Kansas City Chiefs - 13-3

Denver Broncos - 12-4

Los Angeles Chargers - 10-6

Oakland Raiders - 4-12

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