Season VI Prime Time Games Announced

For the first time in COFL History we are having scheduled Prime Time games each week of the season. Monday Night Football is obviously on Monday Nights and COFL Night In America will be on Wednesday Nights. The COFL Network and COFL Network 2 will be hosting the games so please make sure you subscribe to both networks to watch all the action of the COFL unfold.

Week 1

Monday Night Football

Atlanta Falcons (Fiddy) @ Chicago Bears (Prez)

Time: 9:30pm CT/10:30pm ET

Location: Soldier Field - Chicago, IL

COFL Night In America

Kansas City Chiefs (Jake) @ New England Patriots (BDukes)

Time: TBD

Location: Gillette Stadium - Foxboro, MA

Week 2 - Retro Week

Monday Night Football

Green Bay Packers (Drob) @ Minnesota Vikings (Konzy)

COFL Night In America

Philadelphia Eagles (VaFonGool) @ Los Angeles Chargers (Clemson)

Week 3

Monday Night Football

Cincinnati Bengals (Hersh) @ Denver Broncos (JT)

COFL Night In America

Green Bay Packers (DRob) @ Chicago Bears (Prez)

Week 4

Monday Night Football

New England Patriots (BDukes) @ Buffalo Bills (Nate)

COFL Night In America

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Sheed) @ Detroit Lions (AK)

Week 5

Monday Night Football

Denver Broncos (JT) @ Washington Redskins (Johnny Boy)

COFL Night In America

Dallas Cowboys (Pup) @ Philadelphia Eagles (VaFonGool)

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