COFL Madden Rules


How Scheduling & Playing Opponents Works

How many games are in a season?

16 game schedule over a 4 week period (28 days)

How do the schedules work?  How/When do we play our opponents?

All teams have a 4 week schedule with 4 opponents scheduled for each week.  You only play the opponents you have scheduled for that week. If you don't get a game in during its scheduled week, you can play it later, but make sure you get it in as soon as possible.


Example: If your week 1 opponents are the Bears, Packers, Lions & Vikings and we are in Week 1 of the season, those are the only teams you can play.  You can't play your week 2, 3 or 4 opponents until that official week has started.  There will be dates on the schedule dictating what is "Week 1", "Week 2", "Week 3" and "Week 4".

This allows you to focus on your specific opponents and set up specific times/dates with them. 


What rosters are we using?

We use live and accurate rosters.  Whatever the latest update on the rosters is, that's what we are using.


Every game should be streamed to the COFL Network YouTube channel as long as at least one of the participants has a sufficient internet connection to do so. You should work out who will stream the game on GroupMe prior to starting.

Game Play Rules

We want to avoid plays and schemes that take advantage of the AI. Mix up your playcalling and try to avoid things that you would never see in a real NFL game.

Going For It on 4th Down

Note: Fake punts and fake field goals count as going for it!

You can ONLY go for it on 4th down if ANY of the following apply:

  1. You are LOSING/TIED and you are on/inside your opponents 50 yard line.

  2. It’s 4th & 1 or less AND you are on/inside your opponents 50 yard line, WINNING/LOSING/TIED.

  3. If you are LOSING/TIED in the 2nd half you can go for it anywhere on the field.

 4.  If you are LOSING by 17 points or more you can go for it anywhere on the field at any time of the game.

Chewing Clock

You cannot chew clock until the 4th quarter.

Moving Players on Defense Before the Snap

You can ONLY move one player pre-snap on defense.  That one specific player that you move, you have to be controlling at the snap. You can switch players whenever you want during the play.

No Huddle

You can ONLY no huddle if ANY of the following apply:

  1. It is in the last two minutes of the first half.

  2. You're losing in the second half.

  3. You're tied in the last two minutes of the fourth quarter.

Onside Kicks

You can only onside kick when you are losing.  You cannot onside kick if you are winning or tied.

Going for Two


You can go for two (including fake extra points) at any time.

Game Setup
Game Invite Settings
Fatigue - ON / Injuries - ON / Even Teams - OFF / Quarter Length - 6 Mins / Game Skill - All Madden  / Game Speed - Normal / Accelerated Clock - 25 Seconds / Weather - ON

If you are playing at an outdoor stadium, weather should be set to RANDOM on the next screen.

COFL Draft


We hold a draft prior to the start of each season to pick teams. The COFL Champion has the right to keep his team if he chooses. If not, he enters the draft with everyone else. Returning coaches are ordered based on their performance from the previous season, with the worst teams drafting first. Incoming coaches are added to the end of the list. Penalties from the previous season are then applied.

What are the penalties?

Penalties will be given for breaking rules as follows:

  • Failing to get stats after game: -5 draft spots.

  • Breaking a game play rule: -4 draft spots. If it is a deemed that the breaking of the rule made a substantial difference in the outcome of the game, you may also receive a forfeit loss.

  • Failing to get a game played due to lack of effort: -4 draft spots and a forfeit loss. For special circumstances, ties will be given with minimal or no penalty.

  • Quitting a game: -10 draft spots. You should not quit a game for any reason. If your opponent is breaking a rule, pause the game and discuss in the GroupMe. Multiple quits may result in being kicked out of the league.