COFL Royal Rumble
16 Teams Enter, 1 Survives
How it works
- Top 16 teams in the COFL are invited to play in a single elimination tournament.
--Invites are based on the previous seasons playoffs (12 teams), then the COFL Experts pick the next top 4 teams that didn't make the playoffs
- Any team can be chosen and can be chosen more than once by different coaches.
--Example: There can be 4 coaches being the Dallas Cowboys.
- Game Play is COFL Rules
--Example: Random Weather, All-Madden, 4th down rule, etc, etc
- Seedings and opponents for the opening round are picked out of hat at random.  The pairings show will be broadcasted live on the COFL Network - America's Network.
--There is no "reseeding" after the 1st round. You stay in your region.
Pairings Show Live on the COFL Network
Tuesday at 6pm CT LIVE on the COFL Network we will have the pairings show for the 1st ever COFL Royal Rumble.
Coaches seeds and opponents will be picked randomly out of a hat live on the COFL Network.
COFL Royal Rumble Championship Prize
The Champion of COFL Royal Rumble 1 will receive a copy of Madden 18 on PS4, it will be shipped and delivered to him once the game is released.
Coaches Invited to COFL Royal Rumble 1
1. DatDudeFiddy
2. Hershnasty
3. VaFonGool
4. Nate
5. Jake
6. JTrain
7. Drob
8. Prez
9. Bdukes
10. Clemson2311
11. Sheed
12. DB
13. CB
14. Ricky
15. JMGrace
16. Keller