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  • 16-game regular season followed by a 6-team playoff.

  • All games must be streamed to league YouTube channel. Stream must be started on Squads Lobby screen and posted in the chat with game number (ex. "Game 7") prior to readying up.

  • Regular season is duos against random opponents using your full team

    • If opponent disconnects when game is tied, or when you are winning by 8 or less in first half, game does not count.

    • If opponent disconnects when you are winning by 9 points or more in first half, or winning by any amount in second half, the game counts as a win.

    • If opponent disconnects when they are ahead, the game counts as a loss.

    • If game disconnects on your end, the game does not count unless you are ahead by 9 points or more in the fourth quarter.

    • For any disconnect, continue streaming until the game is counted and shown in the Squads Lobby screen, for proof of whether the disconnect was on your end or your opponents.

  • Playoffs are against other league teams and  your team has a capped rating of 164. This can be split up any way you want (80 offense/84 defense, etc.).