History of the COFL


Back in August of 2004 I was playing Madden in my apartment and I came across something online that mentioned how you could play other users online from all over the world...

I remember it very vividly.  I immediately purchased what I needed to purchase to be able to play online.  I got my ethernet chord, I hooked it up to my router and I signed up online.  It was crazy to think that it was possible to do this.  No more playing against the computer and dominating, no more playing against your buddies in the same room or playing against your brothers in the same room.  Now, you could play against anyone and everyone in the world.  From California, Michigan, Florida to Canada.

I ended up playing a couple of games, I won a couple, lost a couple but it was awesome.  It was crazy to think that there was someone else playing on the other end.  The computer element was out of the picture, for the most part.

From there, I would go on to the EA Sports Message board and read what others were posting and talking about.  I came across a post about a league and thought to myself "this is what I've been waiting for".  I signed up right away.  The league ended up being so-so but it gave me ideas and I realized that I could do it way better.  That's when the COFL was born.  That very moment.

The COFL was started on July 24th, 2004 using NCAA 2005 on Playstation 2.  I honestly don't remember what team I used but it was the greatest thing I had ever done.  We had 32 coaches, HB Direct was banned, I learned what "glitching" was, I learned what "cheese" was and I learned that unless you make rules, people will abuse any weaknesses they can.

From that moment on the COFL grew and grew and grew.  At one point we had a consistent group of 30-40 guys.  Guys you built a bond with, guys you built tradition with, guys that turned into friends who you never even met in your life.  The COFL became a part of my life, it was all I thought about.

The COFL blossomed into something I never thought possible, it became a lifestyle.  It was almost reality, is was about as real as online gaming could get.  This wasn't an online dynasty where you play the computer.  You were going up against the best competition in every single game you played, it was unreal what the COFL had become.

Now, in 2017, the COFL is turning to Madden to begin the New Era.  With the COFL NCAA going strong with 67 completed season and starting season 68 next week, I could only dream of the COFL Madden Era doing that.

In closing, the COFL wouldn't be what it is without the following coaches...

  • J-Train

  • Hokie

  • Vtech

  • Kent

  • CoachP

  • Rolle

  • DB

  • Thurman Murman

  • Eberry

  • D-Will

  • BigJangalang

  • Starshaw

There are more to thank and I will add them as I remember.  Let's keep the COFL the best league around.