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COFL Bowl VII: Chiefs vs. Lions

Host: Levi's Stadium in San Francisco

Teams/Coaches: Chiefs (Jake) vs. Lions (JTrain)

Date: 11/20/2017

Score: Lions 23, Chiefs 17

MVP: Matthew Stafford

After sitting helplessly through Jake Ayler's devastating 19-0 Season VI run which saw him dominate many subpar opponents, the COFL Competition Committee created a skill-based tier scheduling system so that the best players would be consistently matched up with top talent through most of the season. The powers that be were determined to make a back-to-back title attempt filled with obstacles for the reigning champ.

After Jake and the Chiefs, the favorite to win the AFC was Drob after he managed to nab the Jacksonville Jags in the draft. The Jags nasty defense combined with bruising running game had the potential to topple Kansas City, and the COFL world waited in anticipation for what looked inevitably to be a playoff collision between the two.

Over at the NFC, a draft controversy saw JT draft the Giants, but request to switch to the undrafted Lions prior to the season. The request was granted, but just a few hours later the real life Odell Beckham suffered what appeared to be a season-ending injury, and seeing as the team switch had yet to be announced publicly, many assumed the injury was the cause of the request to change teams. This caused the Eagles coach DB to go on a hunger strike, and led ultimately to major draft sanctions for both JT and Prez.

On the field, JT executed the same strategy with the Lions that he had with his previous four teams: Run the ball and  play great defense. This led to another good regular season and the number two seed.

Perhaps the top story of Season VII was JMCC and the Minnesota Vikings. JMCC's game was peaking at the just the right time for him to grab the best defense in the game en route to a dominating 14-2 regular season. This set up for a great defensive battle in the NFC title game against Detroit, and it didn't disappoint. The only first half points came on a pick six by the Vikings secondary. Detroit eventually battled back to tie it at 7 late in the third, then got the ball back for a game-winning field goal. JMCC's Madden life took a rough turn not long after this tough loss. Some say it was the women. Some say it was the booze. Some say it was the Season VII NFC Championship Game.

On the AFC side, the divisional round saw one of the most surprising results in COFL Madden history. The Jags, sitting at the number one seed with fans expecting Drob to bring home his second COFL title, fell hard to Keller and his trusted Ravens squad by a dominating score of 26-0.

This led to another relatively easy route to the COFL Bowl for Jake and the Chiefs, with his toughest game being the opening round match-up against his budding rival Bigdaddy and the Chargers. He escaped 24-21.

The big game saw Jake vs. JT for the second time in COFL Bowl history (previously COFL Bowl I). JT had scouted Jake's defensive strategy and was able to complete some big passes early on to loosen things up. Down 3-0 early on, Jake would make an uncharacteristic pass that resulted in a pick six. This led to more mistakes as Alex Smith had to keep throwing to try to dig his team out of a hole, and he finished with three interceptions.

The Chiefs were able to finish a drive late in the fourth to cut it the deficit to six, but the onside kick attempt failed and the Lions knelt it out for the title. Matt Stafford finished an ultra efficient six of seven passing for 135 yards and a touchdown, and a perfect QB rating of 158.3.

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