COFL Bowl VI: Chiefs vs. Falcons

Host: The Superdome in New Orleans

Teams/Coaches: Chiefs (Jake Ayler) vs. Falcons (Fiddy)

Date: 10/5/2017

Score: Chiefs 21, Falcons 14

MVP: Kareem Hunt

Some saw the writing on the wall the day of the Season VI Draft. For the first season of Madden 18, the Wheel of Destiny was pulled out and the draft order was done randomly. While always exciting, the use of the wheel leaves open the possibility that a great coach gets a high pick. In the days leading up to the draft, rumors swirled about possible collusion involving Prez, Russia and others to rig the wheel and give the feared coach Jake Ayler the last pick. However, it appears nothing sketchy went down and the wheel proceeded in a fair and balanced manner.

Coach Ayler ended up with the 21st pick much to the relief of all, but there was cause for concern elsewhere, as one-time champion Fiddy got the first pick, and subsequently selected the dangerous Atlanta Falcons.

Reigning champ JT reluctantly entered the draft after Prez apparently reneged on a statement that the Season V champ could keep his team if he wanted. An internal investigation was launched, but the email servers had been deleted and investigators could not find the aforementioned promise in writing. It ended up not mattering though, as JT lucked into the 8th spot where his champion Broncos sat available.

As the draft unfolded, viewers cringed as bad pick after bad pick was made. As Jake's pick neared, his perfect team sat undrafted as the competition sweated, hoping someone else would grab them just before he could. But the boner picks continued and there sat the Kansas City Chiefs, leaving Ayler with the easiest decision of his career.

Due to the true-to-life scheduling policy in place at the time, Jake was also blessed with a less than stellar slate of opponents (this circumstance would lead to the tiered system being implemented starting in Season VII). He tore through one opponent after another, with only a small handful of difficult challenges, on his way to the first ever 16-0 season.

Entering the playoffs, the storyline was clear: Atlanta was the odds-on favorite on the NFC side, while the Chiefs would likely meet JT and the Broncos to decide the AFC. Although Jake had beaten JT twice in the regular season, they were good games and JT was known for his playoff performances.

Throwing a curveball (or rolling a hook) at this whole scenario was none other than Jake's good friend Nasty Nate, who pulled out the game of his life in the opening round to defeat Denver 25-18 and send the Broncos packing early. (Nate would return to his usual ways the next game, falling flat on his face against Bigdaddy and the two seed Steelers.) This left Jake with a JT-less route to the big game. The Falcons and Chiefs would enter COFL Bowl VI having ousted their playoff opponents by a combined score of 136-45.

The title game looked like a potential classic against two juggernauts, but the Falcons' surprising inability to contain the running game, along with a critical Matt Ryan red zone interception near the end of the first half let the Chiefs build a commanding 14-0 lead that the Falcons just couldn't overcome. Kareem Hunt finished with 229 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns to help the Chiefs cap off the most dominant season in COFL history.

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