COFL Bowl IV: Texans vs. Buccaneers 

Host: Georgia Dome in Atlanta

Teams/Coaches: Texans (DatDudeFiddy) vs. Buccaneers (HershNasty)

Date: 6/17/17

Score: Texans 19, Bucs 7

MVP: Brian Cushing

The disparity between conferences had never been greater than in Season 4, with the AFC sending six legitimate powerhouses to the playoffs while the the NFC was filled with misfits and outcasts. The juxtaposition of the two conference champion coaches was stark, with grizzled vet Coach Fiddy and his Texans taking on rookie bad boy Hersh and his Bucs.

Houston had a brutally tough road to the big game, winning battles with defending champ JT (Chiefs), Jake The Snake with his dangerous Bills squad, and Nate's Patriots on the final play in the most exciting game of the playoffs.

Coach Hersh had the same general plan as everyone that plays the Texans: Slow down Lamar Miller. As the game progressed, it was clear that he may actually be up to the task, unlike most of the coaches that had tried before.

The first quarter was a defensive slug-fest that saw as many punts as many COFL games, but the stalemate was broken when the Texans pass rush forced Winston to make an errant throw over the middle sailed directly into the lap of Andre Hal, setting up a Texans field goal.

The Houston defensive front would continue to give the Bucs fits for the entire game. The biggest play of the game came late in the first half. Tampa Bay had finally found their footing and gotten into a rhythm, putting together a nice drive and getting into field goal range to tie or take the lead. Then a blitzing Brian Cushing came free on the right side and leveled an unsuspecting Jameis Winston, knocking the ball free. JJ Watt quickly scooped it up an rumbled 67 yards for a touchdown to put the Texans up 10-0.

Down two scores, Coach Hersh abandoned Doug "Dougernaut" Martin, who experts figured would play a large role in the Bucs' game plan. Martin had just two rushes in the second half, and finished the game with eight carries for 22 yards.

The Watt-Cushing combo would strike again with the Bucs at midfield and down 13-0 early in the fourth. Watt came screaming off the right edge and forced a rushed pass, which Winston delivered right to the lurking Cushing who returned it for a backbreaking touchdown.

The Bucs would finally put points on the board late in the fourth with a deep ball to Mike Evans, but it was too little too late as the Texans comfortably won 19-7 to deliver Coach Fiddy his first COFL Madden Championship Trophy.